How To Set Up A Twitter Hashtag Feed On Your WordPress Website

WordPress allows its users to insert a widget on web pages with ease. It offers users various integration of tools and plugins that enhance the functionality and appearance of their website. 

As Twitter is one of the prominent social media platforms, it will be highly beneficial for brands and businesses to improve their marketing using this powerful channel on their official website. 

Visitors find Twitter content on websites more engaging, entertaining, and interactive than professionally-created website content.  

So, to make the process painless and effective, WordPress offers effective Twitter tools and plugins that help you embed amazing features on their website easily. 

Here in this blog, I will guide you by embedding Twitter hashtag feeds with the help of some tools on your WordPress website in a seamless process. 

Why Integrate Twitter Hashtag Feeds On WordPress Website

With the undeniable change in the popularity of Social media, transparency is the major key that brands and marketers are focusing on in their marketing strategies. 

Social media is where people find real pictures of brands and businesses. Marketers are now leveraging every possible way to enhance their marketing campaigns with the increase in the transparency of your business with social media content. 

Majorly business owners like to use social media platforms to develop direct communication with their customers. 

But as marketing strategies change, businesses have to adopt new tactics that keep them stand out from the crowd. 

If you are planning to boost your social media marketing strategy for your business, Twitter is the platform that you must be on. With 192 million active users, Twitter is the best platform where you can find, reach, and target your potential audience. 

Twitter is the platform that people use to find credible information, which real-life people share. When turning Twitter content onto your website is building the authority of your business. 

People find it relevant and trustworthy when they find information shared by their friends, followers, or people they admired on Twitter. 

Hashtags are the popular means people use to create content to share their social lives with the worldwide population. 

Twitter is a microblogging platform where people share small messages with images & videos about social life updates, information, facts, latest news, reviews of products and services, etc. 

Hence, businesses have great opportunities to collect user-generated content from Twitter for free using trending or relevant hashtags aligned with their marketing needs.

But how to insert Twitter Hashtag Feeds on your website? As discussed above, WordPress provides various tools that help in collecting Twitter feeds and embed them on your website. 

Check below to learn more about the tools that help you collect and add Twitter hashtag feeds to your website. 

3 Best Tools Use To Embed Twitter Hashtag Feeds On Website

#1 Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a tool with various features that offer smooth functioning to create and collect Twitter Hashtag feeds and insert them on your WordPress website in a single click. 

The best thing about Taggbox Widget is it comes with an intelligible interface that anyone can use efficiently and does not require any prior technical expertise. 

You can customize Twitter feeds with several designs and styles that enhance your website appearance. 

With the Taggbox Widget customization feature, WordPress website users can change the colors, fonts, shape & size and use various themes, layout designs, and background styles according to their website design. 

Moreover, it helps you embed Twitter Feeds on your WordPress website to improve the quality and ranking of your website. 

You only need to put a hashtag in the box. As you click on the button, Taggbox Widget will fetch all the relevant tweets with that hashtag on the screen. 

#2 Twiget Twitter Widget 

With Twiget Twitter Widget, you can collect, display, and update your WordPress website with the latest Tweets on your account. 

You only need to install this plugin, add it to the web page where you want to display Twitter feeds on your website, and type your username in the box, that's all. It will collect and display all the Twitter posts from your official account. 

It will display Tweets on your web page with your clickable official Twitter username so that your website visitors can reach your Twitter account directly from your website.

Moreover, its configuration feature allows you to manage the title of the Twitter feeds, the number of Twitter feeds to insert on the website, and many more.

#3 Tweet Wally

TweetWally is another tool to design amazing-looking Twitter feeds to display on your WordPress website. 

Use as many hashtags, mentions, or tags to collect Twitter feeds for your website and apply customization features to make your Twitter content look attractive on your website. 

It provides you with an easy to search Twitter Feeds feature with a simple embed URL that allows you to add amazing-looking Twitter feeds smoothly. 

Final Words

Twitter can be great content for your WordPress website that offers your users unique and creative content to your audience. 

Your targeted audience might look for some interesting and authentic content that is different from your competitors. 

Now you know the benefits of embedding Twitter feeds on your website, you can do so with the assistance of the Twitter Widget available on the internet. 

There are many more tools available on the internet, but these tools mentioned above are the best tools you can use to create alluring Twitter Hashtag feeds for your WordPress website.