Easy Tips to Improve Your Marketing Strategy and 10X Your ROI

Marketing strategies are often complex and costly. However, a successful business knows how to quickly simplify its marketing strategy and focus on what is important. We look at different types and provide you with a marketing strategy template to easily boost your ROI.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy has become more and more popular as these platforms continue to grow and develop. No matter your niche or industry, you should be using social media to find new customers and nurture existing ones. With millions of people online on social media platforms at any one time, it is an incredibly powerful channel to leverage and should be included in all businesses’ digital marketing strategies.

These are the social media channels we recommend you explore based on your type of business:

  • Visually focused – Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat
  • B2B focused – LinkedIn, Instagram, and Angellist
  • B2C focused – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Written and long-form content focused – Medium, Quora, and Reddit, LinkedIn
  • Youth-focused, under the age of 30 – Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok

One simple trick to take your social media marketing to the next level is to include at least one call to action (CTA) in every post you make. Marketing companies found that Facebook posts with CTAs had almost a 300% higher click through rate posts without CTAs. Think how many more sales you would make if you could triple your impressions?

Tips for writing call to actions:

  • Keep them short - 2 to 10 words is ideal
  • Use strong action words that prevent analysis paralysis - examples include buy now, register here
  • Provoke emotion - use stats and numbers, make promises for example sign up today and receive 25% off!

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy is incredibly popular right now, and for a good reason. Did you know this strategy has an average ROI of 5X? The means for every dollar advertising are spending on influencers advertising their products they are making $5 in sales.

This amazing result makes sense as recent research has revealed that 49% of online shoppers use influencers to help them make purchasing decisions. Reaching out to influencers is a no-brainer strategy and an easy way to quickly raise your ROI.

Instagram is the king when it comes to influencer marketing. To ensure you use this marketing strategy effectively, find influencers that have strong reputations, fit your brand and do not overcharge. You also need to study their followers to verify they are real and see if they are your audience. The last thing you want is to be paying for your products to be advertised to bots or followers who would never use your products.

One simple to use Instagram marketing strategy is providing an influencer of your choice with a discount and promo code. This strategy can be implemented immediately and you can easily track its success as you will be able to see exactly how many customers used the influencer’s unique promo code.

If you are cost-conscious you could create a risk-free deal where the influencer only gets paid a percentage of the sales they make. This type of strategy also incentivizes the influencer to do their best to promote your brand and products.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is all about providing buyers with valuable information to help them solve problems rather than shoving your products down their throats. The goal of content marketing is to inform buyers, establish yourself as an expert in your industry and then also show how your products can solve common industry problems.

Content marketing is typically an early stage strategy where you are attracting buyers who are at the beginning stage of their journey. A good content strategy lays the foundation for buyers to then further explore your products.

One content strategy that you can start today and doesn’t cost a cent is writing a blog. Did you know you can expect a 2% reader to lead conversion rate based on your blog? There is no reason that you can’t produce 100 blogs within a year and be getting 25,000 unique visitors per month. If you have a lead conversion rate of 10% that means your blog could be bringing in 600 new customers every year.

The secret to a strong blogging strategy is:

  • Identifying your audience
  • Producing content that answers specific questions
  • Publishing frequently, ideally weekly

If you create interesting and informative content that is tailored specifically to your target audience and published on platforms where your potential buyers can easily access it, then your content strategy will be a great success.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of our favorite strategies because it is affordable, easy to set up, and the ROI is completely insane. Did you know for every $1 that businesses spend on email marketing, they make $42 in sales, a 42x ROI! Email marketing by far has the highest ROI of any strategy.

There are lots of different tools and software that can help you quickly set up an email list and start sending out high-converting marketing emails today. With these tools, you can automate the whole process and just sit back and watch the sales start rolling in. You can’t go wrong by using HubSpot or Mailchimp.

Here are some tips to increase your emails’ conversion rate:

  • Keep it brief - sentences under 25 words, subject lines less than 20 characters
  • One call to action - repeat it several times
  • Include stats and infographics – it will increase engagement by up to 40%
  • Aesthetic design - open rates plummet with poor designs
  • Use a person’s name - this creates a personalized connection
  • Place some emojis - emails with emojis have a 56% higher open rate


A marketing strategy example may include splitting your budget into 30% social media, 30% influencer marketing, 25% content marketing, and 5% email marketing. Using this budget breakdown will allow you to quickly boost your ROI and a 10X increase is definitely possible, especially if you get your email and influencer strategy correct.

We want to know what marketing strategies you have used and what ROIs you have achieved. Please comment below and share your strategic insights. We are always eager to learn.