TikTok Marketing In A Post COVID19 World: What's In It For You?

Who’d have known we’d been taking for granted the most habitual things if not for COVID19? Suddenly we’ve come to miss our at-times-tiring-and-at-times-fulfilling routine when lockdowns became the preferred method of hanging out (not). Of course, this sea change has also taken its toll on global economics just as well, and many people say that COVID19’s financial consequences won’t be fixed for years to come.


Marketing In COVID19

Fortunately, when unpredictable circumstances are born, life shows us repeatedly that the turning of the tides gives rise to impromptu, most creative solutions. Therefore, many marketers shifted their focus to the online front and created a TikTok page as a competent means of ‘doing business,’ hoping to minimize their losses as much as possible this way. Don’t get us wrong, though. We don’t refer to marketers who opted for bot engagement from sites but those who truly put their hearts and resources in a wise organic promotion.


If you thought that TikTok is mostly loved (and used) by children looking to pass the time in a fun way, you got it all wrong! As we speak, TikTok becomes the center of attraction for a much-varied audience than ever before, giving a fight to the strongest players in its vicinity, Instagram, for one. What’s more, the unique functionality of TikTok’s algorithm works to everyone’s benefit; even a nobody could become the-next-big-thing on TikTok overnight.


Nice To Meet You: Organic Promotion

Organic promotion isn’t some privilege saved only for very few marketers. Here are some examples of organic means and strategies you could apply to help increase your business page’s exposure rates (which we all aim for, eventually).


Cross-Promote Your Content

Although TikTok’s usage has been on the rise, it doesn’t mean we should put all the eggs in one basket and leave aside the other platforms. Rather, to spread the word most efficiently, cross-promotion comes in handy. By sharing your TikTok videos across different platforms (such as Instagram, for one), you lure in more fans and subscribers. As you can see, cross-promotion directly affects your page’s brand awareness and growth.


Using Hashtags To Expand Your Outreach

Do you add hashtags to your videos? Maybe after reading this article, you’ll start doing it more often. Simply put: the perks of throwing in a blend of hashtags, aka buzzwords in your brand’s niche, amount to getting more eyeballs to see your videos at any given moment. To enjoy the boost from hashtags, though, it’s safer to avoid the most popular ones out there and focus on smaller, niche-oriented ones.


Treat TikTok As Your Marketing Playground

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran marketer or you’ve just launched your first business initiative this week; a most fundamental principle in digital marketing dictates that the more ads, the merrier.


One of the greatest favors you could do for both the product and yourselves is running many ads in parallel to promote the product at hand (aka, ‘A/B testing’). Since it’s hard to predict which variation will be the most productive, you should treat TikTok as your playground. We obviously refer to testing your ads by changing a single component in each variation (such as changing the text overlays, etc.), see how it affects the ads’ overall performance, and do the math of how you want to navigate this marketing endeavor with this new insight.


Indeed, like Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same is true on this occasion just as well. Remember that the upshot of this trial and error process is you bringing more customers and scaling up your site’s conversion rates significantly; we think it definitely plays itself out in the end.


There’s A Lot We Could Learn From Our Competitors

When kept at a healthy volume, the digital marketing competition could teach us lessons and strategies we wouldn’t be able to learn anywhere else. For one, when you’ve run out of ideas for your next ad, or you still haven’t got that ‘golden viral’ video, we suggest you follow trending accounts in your niche. You'll be surprised at how much inspiration you could absorb from this 'field work'. Who knows, one of these days, you will be riding the success wave only because you ‘hooked’ the right video at the right time and gave it some stunning adaptation no one thought of before.


Wrapping Up

Digital marketing isn’t necessarily about reinventing the wheel, but rather working with the resources found at your and everyone else’s disposal and doing incredible things with them. Of course, another legit way to promote yourself is collaborating with influencers and using their experience, talent, and well-established fan base to help your business grow. Such collaboration doesn’t come for free, though, so you'd better adjust your budget accordingly.


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