How to Design Your Logo Online For Free?

Creating a responsive, easily navigable website, alluring business cards are not the ultimate steps forward to create brand awareness globally. One of the most crucial and essential aspects of a business that plays a key role in branding is a ‘logo’.

A professional-looking logo can do wonders for your business. Let your target audience recognize your brand even without visiting your store through a logo. It helps your business develop a first impression of your company. Moreover, a logo reveals your identity, fosters brand loyalty, and encourages brand recognition. Represent the vision, mission and purpose of your business visually, and generate more leads to your business.

Being an important aspect of branding, creating a decent logo should be on the priority list. Now, you might be wondering how much the process of logo creation will cost? Is designing a logo a daunting task?

Well, logos can be designed with the help of a professional artist. However, it might exceed your budget. Fortunately, there are other ways to get a logo of your preference, of your niche and at no cost.

This write-up is compiled with a list of the free logo maker sites that can help you design a customized logo for your business website, billboards, templates, business cards and more.  

Here we go:

#1 Free Logo Design

Entrepreneurs, freelancers are benefited with an alluring logo developed through Free Logo Design app. As the name indicates, the site charges its users not a single penny for offering a stunning logo design catering to the business needs. In fact, users are allowed to choose color, font, text, size from thousands of options, and edit them until they get it right. Free Logo Design is a user-friendly site, 100% free, and ensures brand recognition through a professional-looking logo.

#2 Looka

With just a few clicks you can get your logo designed professionally. Thanks to the design process implemented by Looka. This logo maker site takes into consideration your preferences including your chosen text, font, color & size, and combines it with Artificial Intelligence to help you create a customized business logo.

After selecting your preferred logo style, color, symbol, text and font, Looka allows you to edit any of the options until you get your satisfaction. Then click on the save button, you’ll get your logo created as per your niche.

#3 Hatchful

Easy to use, plethora of options, easy to edit: all these features comprise a unique & reliable logo generator site, Hatchful. Just by deciding on the style of logo you need, you are ready to go. Hatchful offers you an extensive range of logo options. You can browse through them, and find one that suits your business requirement.

Once you finalize the logo, you are free to edit the icon, palette, text, font & color. The best part of using Hatchful logo creator is that you can download the designed logo in all the forms, or in any particular format of your need.

#4 Ucraft

If you wish to create a logo in no time, you are strongly advised to make Ucraft your logo designing destination. The site has more than enough tools to help you create a logo and customize it as per your need and desire in short order. With a vast array of icons, texts, symbols and colors, Ucraft gives you the opportunity to choose one, and then edit before clicking on the save option. Make sure you download your logo in PNG format for not paying a single penny for the task.

#5 Designhill

Designhill’s DIY logo maker tool gives you the liberty to design a decent, alluring logo for your official website, business cards, billboards, and templates. All you need to do is to fill in the basic information, like business name, nature of business, type of logo, preferred text, icon, color schemes, and so on. And before you know you get ready with a professional-looking business logo. Moreover, you can edit any of the options at any time as per your need.

#6 MarkMaker

The uniqueness of MarkMaker lies in giving suggestions, lots of choices to its users. The site allows you to browse through an array of choices, and select one that suits your business needs and niche. The entire process of design can be influenced by adding information about your company: the name, its purpose & nature. You can play with the options before you settle for one. You can also edit your finalized color, text, icon, and size before clicking the save button.

The Final Word

The free logo design sites that we have shortlisted for you in this write-up can help you enhance your brand image, encourage brand recognition, leverage your business and generate more leads.

Without further delay, get your logo designed professionally with any of these sites specialized in creating decent, customized logos for your business.