9 Lead Generation Tools to Make Your Lead Generation Journey Rewarding

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of gaining the interest of consumers for a product or service with the goal to increase future sales. Online marketing, involves collecting a lead's contact information through a web form and is considered a crucial part of the sales process of many companies.

Types of Lead Generation

· Outbound lead generation which includes, cold calls, direct mail, advertising, and email marketing

·  Inbound lead generation such as SEO, social media, PPC

·  Email marketing tools that will help generate and nurture leads along your customers’ journey

·  On-page lead generation tools to capture leads on your website.

·  Search marketing tools that will increase traffic from organic and paid search and will also generate more on-site leads.

·  To maximize leads CRO tools that can increase the percentage of users who are likely to convert into valuable leads.

·  Marketing management tools that will enable you to measure performance, maximize lead generation and improve the quality of leads.

Today, marketers agree that lead generation is one of their biggest challenges. However, if you use the right lead generation tools, your lead generation efforts will be rewarding.

To make your website a lead generation powerhouse you need to upgrade your website to make it user-friendly and try to convert our website traffic into leads. You can make your content interactive to keep your audience engaged and entice them to share their contact information.

Using the best lead generation tools makes it easy to capture quality leads which is extremely rewarding. There are numerous lead generation tools available in the market for you to choose from.

By effectively using a combination of on-page, inbound, and outbound lead generation tools, you’ll be able to quickly identify and convert leads that can grow your business.

Given below are some of the best lead generation tools for marketers:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the Lead Generation Tool for Prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed for sales professionals to focus on the right people and companies. It keeps you updated on your prospect's contact info thereby building trust.

With its advanced lead search, you will be able to reach out to the right decision-makers based on geography and superiority level. It sends notifications as to when to take the right action with real-time updates on leads and accounts, job changes, and company growth.

Quora, a Social Media Forum for Generating Leads

Quora is a great option for generating SEO traffic. You need to look for questions that have a high follow-to-answer ratio of 5:1. Those are questions, with only a few answers. When you have created the right piece of content, then look for five or more Quora questions that can relate to your content. Write a short answer and at the end of your answer, add anchor text linking back to your content.

This will surely bring lucrative responses by search engines as well as generate more traffic to your content and website over time.

HubSpot Forms, to Grow Your Contact List

This CRM platform has all the required tools to attract qualified leads and convert them into future customers. You will be able to follow your leads along their buyer’s journey helping you to make their experiences as unique as possible. It is user-friendly and the tool easily integrates with your website. You can get your visitors’ attention through popup and slide-in boxes that come with exit-intent and scroll triggers.

You can add various fields to collect information through its drag-and-drop editor. HubSpot will automatically add all contacts to your CRM and keep track of their activity on your website. This further helps you to tailor your marketing campaigns and send personalized emails.

It is one of the advanced lead management tools which includes free CRM, unlimited forms, and form fields. Templates can be customized and provide lead generation tools, such as landing page builder, live chat, ad builder, and much more.

Unbounce, Landing Page Builder

Digital marketers are using Unbounce as it is user-friendly and there are no coding skills required. Some of its features like, smart traffic and conversion intelligence’ help to set them apart from the competition.

Customized landing pages are important when you’re launching account-based marketing campaigns, as you need your funnel to be tailored based on your audience.

With Unbounce you can create multiple, campaigns specific landing pages with guaranteed conversion rates, and profitable search engines. You can also match your most successful landing pages to save time and build high-converting pages in bulk.

Leadfeeder, for Data Collection

Leadfeeder is a site visitor identification tool to generate leads.  When you install the Leadfeeder Tracker to your site and connect your account to Google Analytics you will know who visits your website, even if they don’t fill the form or share contact details.

It will be able to offer company details such as industry, employee count, and contact information. The various pages they visited and the time spent on the particular page.  It also shows where your visitors came before landing on your site.

FindThatLead, to Build Email Lists

If you are looking for a lead generation tool for building lead lists and capturing emails from various platforms, then you should go with FindThatLead.

Companies are using FindThatLead to get the contact information of targeted prospects, build segmented email lists and schedule drip campaigns.

Thrive Leads, for Building Mailing Lists

This is a plugin for WordPress and it combines different types of opt-in forms and also offers a simple drag-and-drop editor to create great designs. It is a conversion booster and shows relevant offers to your visitors based on the latest posts, categories, tags, and more.

It updates with new conversion tactics and growth hacking strategies that will help grow contact lists quickly.

Hello Bar

It is an advanced CTA and lead generation app that enables you to create various messages for your website visitors. Its banners can show up at the top or bottom of your browser that will further direct your users anywhere on your website. It is great for short messages, discounts, or any other contextual promotions that have a time limit.

You will need to enter your website URL and they will help you to create display ads, install modal pop-ups, create measurable campaign goals, and also start email integrations.


Crystal, when deployed smartly, will yield valuable insights. It was designed to evaluate personal characteristics, and parsing all available content.

It offers insights into how people prefer to communicate and provides situational advice as you proceed through your conversations telling you to be more or less formal. It will give you some handy pointers to sail through your conversation.


You will find a lot of lead generation apps and tools in the market. But it is for you to decide which one will suit your business and give you the best results. All tools focus on the consumer journey, be it from social media to your website visits and finally purchases. So, choose the right tools to make your lead generation journey a success.