How to Throw the Ultimate Marketing Event for Your New Product

Great products deserve to make a big splash, and what better way than to burst onto the market by hosting an event to remember?

Virtual or otherwise, events can be the perfect place to engage your customers, boost your brand’s visibility and perhaps most importantly, sell your product!

There are plenty of techniques worth checking out, but ultimately, getting the basics right first is the best way to ensure that your product gets the head start it needs to shine in all of its glory.

Marketing and event management can be a match made in heaven if it is done right, so here are some tips to help you get started in the right direction.

Choosing the Right Venue

There is a great deal riding on the venue itself, so making the right choice is extremely important.

Some of the main points to think about include the size of the venue, the location, accessibility, relevance to your product, proximity to your local audience and your company.

It is also worth making sure that your prospective venue is completely COVID-19 safe and that there are stewards on hand to ensure visitors comply with the site regulations.


Giving your event attendees the opportunity to interact with your product in some neat ways can help people understand your product on a much deeper level – it allows for more than just a presentation of your product, but rather, an experience that you can offer your customers.

It can be difficult to introduce interactives into the event without a strong understanding of your idea and the tools to bring it to life in the first place.

You may want to check out Gravit8 Software for a prime example of how advanced tech and an expert eye can create stunning event experiences.

Opting to create bespoke software experiences, whether this is through VR, object tables, apps or live polls, can make your event emanate that all-important sense of uniqueness.


Offering entertainment that reflects your brand's aesthetic, or better still, your product's functions can be a superb way of keeping your audience engaged while boosting your marketing efforts.

Marketing events do not need to be (and should not be) dull by any means – perhaps this means thinking big and hiring a DJ, setting up a firework show or even implementing an escape room.

Similarly, if the venue offers any unique spaces, it is worth capitalizing on them, as this can add a new dynamic to your event and incorporate the surroundings, thus making the event feel natural and authentic.

Experts in the Field

If you and your staff members have an easy time describing the ins and outs of your product and brand, make sure to start mingling and make yourself available to answer any questions that the audience might have.

Be careful not to over-sell your product or pester the attendees too much, as this might simply get on their nerves. Elect instead to let the event and the product to the talking might be the best way to go.

Create a Buzz

Creating a buzz in the lead-up to the event is a great way to make it come across as more exclusive, exciting and in the best-case scenario, totally unmissable.

There is no need to resort to clichés in order to convince people to attend your event, just speak honestly and in a tone that your audience has come to expect from your brand.

Social media is a great ally in this area, so do not be afraid to utilize multiple channels to advertise your event.

Creating a buzz might also pertain to the event experience itself. A flat and lifeless event is a nightmare scenario, one that might end up harming your product. Background music is a good way to perk up a scenario and potentially save yourself from any awkward conversations.

Food and Drink

Themed food and drink rarely go a miss, especially if they are free. This alone might get more people to show up, and in many cases, a great wine can help get the conversation flowing.

Whatever you ultimately decide to do, opting for an event that reflects your brand’s uniqueness should be among your top priorities.