Creator hack: How to effectively batch create content

Batch creating is an efficient way to create social media content for busy creators. This technique involves picking a shoot day in your calendar and creating content in a series so it can be posted at any time during the week or month. Let’s explore how to do content batching well so that you can make the best use of your time and creative energy!

Plan and brainstorm topics

To create a series of business or brand content, you need to plan your posts one after the other. This requires you and others to brainstorm ideas together to achieve creative outputs. Brainstorming along with others will help you obtain faster results. Once you have the ideas, layout your plan and put it in an order that is easily understandable and achievable. The idea can begin from an insight into your target audience or even be inspired by trends, especially if you’re making TikTok videos. It is advisable to think of the idea first rather than the kind of execution you want. The video execution can be taken care of once you have a concrete idea. Based upon the idea, you will want to write down a script that will later ease down the shooting process.

Write down potential captions

Thinking about the captions right before putting up content can be daunting when you have a clock ticking that builds up pressure to write anything related to the post. You wouldn’t want yourself to be in such a situation. To work efficiently, it is advisable that you write down multiple potential captions for each post to have an idea about what can work with a certain type of content. The captions need to be customized according to the social media platform that you plan to put your content on because every platform has its own requirements and character limits on the captions. You can also have your hashtags ready for all the content. This not only will save a lot of time while posting but also make you feel relieved.

Shoot and edit videos

When you shoot for content batching you need to utilize every piece of equipment that you took on rent to save costs. You also need to make sure that you shoot on a tight schedule with time slots allocated to every video. Once you’re on the floors shooting you will need a storyboard to get things going smoothly. The storyboard will help you keep a check on all the shots that you need to shoot. When you fix a camera frame you must take all the shots required across multiple videos in one go to speed up the process. Once you’re done with recording the videos, you need to organize and arrange them in a manner that will make it easy to identify shots of all the videos. You can drag all the shots to the video editor’s timeline and edit the video by taking the help of the storyboard and the shots to fasten the process. You also need to export the videos in a variety of aspect ratios as per the requirement of different social media platforms. You can use a free online video editor to seamlessly batch create your videos.

Source your images

Sourcing images for your posts is easier when done through databases that have a huge stock of photos. It is advisable to have planned the content of the image according to the post requirement to help fasten the process. This helps in effectively acquiring the images without delay. You can choose photos from open-source platforms as it will help you with easy content batching.

Design graphics

The custom graphics that add the touch of your brand to every post and video needs to be made well in advance for effective content batching. Your designs must contain the brand colors to build brand image every time you post. To save time, you can create a customizable template that can be applied to all the posts.

Schedule upload times

Content batching includes dealing with a lot of media-heavy files. You can’t possibly be sitting in front of your devices all the time. When you batch create your content you must schedule them to be uploaded at the given time. This way you won’t have to face the pressure of posting at peak hours. It also gives you the liberty to schedule your posts weeks ahead of the upload date leaving no room for mistakes as you can cross-check more than once before uploading. You will be relieved knowing that you have everything in place and can focus on the next batch and your growth.


Sometimes, when you are preoccupied with a lot of work and you want to quickly create a bunch of videos, you can also save time by using professionally-designed preset video templates on a free online video editor.