Christmas Restaurant Marketing Ideas Fill the Vacant Tables

Christmas carols are already playing on the radio, so you can officially begin thinking about all of the delights that December comes. With so many locations to gather with relatives and friends over the holiday periods, you'll need to make your restaurant stand out. Whether you are in charge of this year's Christmas lights in your homeland or work in a restaurant, you may have already thought of some good holiday restaurant marketing tactics.


As per analysis, an additional £1 billion will be invested in ad campaigns, representing a 13% -15% increase over last year's restaurant’s marketing splurge over the same period, which was somewhat alleviated due to ongoing Covid-19 prohibitions. Nevertheless, for marketing professionals, it's never too early to start planning how to capitalize on the festive season like Christmas fever to maximize the impact of your campaigns.


Here Are Some Marketing Ideas for Restaurants to Boost their Sales at the Christmas Festival

                                                Source: Statista


It's the moment of the season when consumers spend a lot of cash on foodstuff, so use our Xmas restaurant advertising tactics to persuade fresh and old customers to spend money online.

Create Top Customers for Your Restaurants

Isn't it correct that customers come to your restaurant because of the food? They are, after all, there to eat. So, don't you think you should have good-looking images and videos of your restaurant's food? Invest in a high-resolution camera and begin honing your photography talents. Also, maintain your restaurant's website clean and user-friendly because not all customers can adjust to a fancy website with too many distractions.


Social media is a very effective tool to attract new customers, so be active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  Using social media, you can directly contact new customers via social media posts, videos, blogs, etc.


Promoting Restaurant on Various Online Channels

It is a basic need for any business or restaurant to have its website or mobile application to facilitate its operations in today’s world. In the case of restaurants, a robust delivery solution must be implemented into their app or website to boost their revenue. After that, you can create a business profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube for your restaurant and easily promote your food delivery application on various digital platforms to boost order volume and sales.


Increase booking volumes by developing a customized booking solution that allows customers to simply view vacancies and make bookings online. A customized panel simplifies the procedure and allows you to store all visitor data in-house for future usage.

Switch up Your Menu to Increase Order

Several menu items and meal rates in your restaurant may be preventing you from making as much money as you might. Perhaps the menu item you believe is the most lucrative is actually excessively pricey in the perspective of your consumers, or perhaps it's time to move out the dish that no one seems to be eating.


Produce a one-of-a-kind Christmas meal that will entice your regulars to return to your restaurant over the holiday season. Rather than ordering complete meals, customers are increasingly opting for "small meals." As a result, it would be better to consider offering a greater variety of smaller meals or selections for your consumers to pick from restaurants.

Make Delicious Holiday Deals for Customers

Customers expect some discount offers on delicious deals over the festival season. As a restaurant, you need to include some exclusive holiday offers like one get one free on first order, free meal for below seven-year-old children, Extra cashback on ordering your selected price, etc. Cheap prices are a significant factor in attracting new customers during the holiday season.

Give Gift Vouchers To Your Customers

Society has become coupon-crazy. Last month alone, more than 25 million people visited the two largest coupon sites in the world. Restaurant rewards cards are a popular type of welcome bonus that people buy for occasions. During the holidays, give out low-value gift vouchers as promotion advantages.


Customers will realize that gift cards have monetary worth and excellent gifts for leisure or restaurant acquaintances and peers. You also should advertise the gift certificates on your site, blog, social media platform, internal marketing, and traditional advertising.


In a highly challenging mobile and digital business world, taking advantage of any opportunity to promote the holiday season, engage customers, and generate loyalty is essential. Taking charge of user data is a superb method to make the most of the Christmas season while increasing revenue in the slower months. More foot traffic over the holidays means more individuals to sell to and convert into regular customers during the down periods.


Christmas is a season for celebrations, enjoyment, and good cheer. Because of the moment and place we live in, there are several techniques for gaining marketing assistance during the festivities. We wish this blog has given you some thoughts and suggestions on promoting restaurants during holiday times.