Effective Marketing and Advertising Strategies that Entrepreneurs Should Adopt

A marketing strategy is a lasting idea with actionable steps and a measurable target for increasing product or brand awareness. Effective marketing strategies help brands satisfy their customers and secure a competitive advantage in their industry. SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) should consider various things before adopting a marketing and advertising strategy, as we shall learn below.

Target Market Statistics

Your target audience plays a critical role in your marketing application strategy. Remember, the goal of any marketer is to capture the consumer’s attention. It would help if you had tangible statistics of your target audience. Ask yourself, what is their age, income, gender, phase of life, relationships, or interests?

Strive to know everything about them, from primary data to the personalities and social media platforms they are likely to associate with. Know where they shop, spend most of their time online, and their shopping practices. Having an overall understanding of your audience’s journey allows you to know how to approach and engage them using customized marketing strategies. 

Budget and Pricing

The marketing recommendations you get depend on your budget. Focus on your budget and the target customer’s price point for advertisement and marketing allocation. Develop a pricing structure that incorporates your profit while remaining competitive for the market and attractive for your customers.

Your budget and pricing structure should match your marketing strategies. In terms of your budget, determine what you can afford for advertising and marketing. What does your customer acquisition cost? Do not forget fixed marketing expenses. You want to have a comprehensive monthly budget that incorporates advertising but still safeguards your margins. 

Define Your Long-Term Goals

What do you expect from your marketing? Marketing strategies vary based on the intent. For example, the ideal marketing plan for developing brand awareness would be different from increasing traffic to your website. Have a clear goal of your organization’s marketing strategy. 


Tried and Tested Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Try

Are you looking forward to improving your business performance? Here are some strategies you should try.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ideal strategy to increase brand recognition and drive traffic to your website. Being conversant with the search algorithm will be an added advantage. SEO involves lots of research and modifications. Some systems come with inbuilt automation tools to ease the process.

The main aim of SEO is to increase brand awareness which improves traffic to your website and boosts sales. Various search engines focus on natural and organic search results. Due to this, marketers should improve SEO to ensure their brand reaches more people. It is worth mentioning that improving your organic SEO helps you create better and practical advertisement campaigns.

SEO works together with inbound marketing, organic search, and paid advertisement. Getting your SEO right can be a difficult task. However, you can navigate it by collaborating with a reliable marketing and advertising agency.

Focus on relevant keywords and include them in your content. Refresh content on your website regularly. Doing so keeps it active. Include headers, backlinks, and alt image definitions to draw out the customer’s journey and communicate more efficiently to the search engine’s AI (artificial intelligence).

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are fast becoming a critical part of the marketing industry. Collaborating with some influential individuals on social media is an ideal way of increasing your brand awareness. Influencers increase your visibility and boost your brand reputation, which encourages other people to trust your products.

Remember, people often trust recommendations from people they know, follow on social media, or interact daily. Still, you want to exercise caution when choosing influencers to work with.

Ensure their aesthetics, ideals, and community aligns with your brand. Work with attainable personalities and avoid working with overly influential people with over a million followers because they may not deliver the right audience for your brand.

Did you know that collaborating with micro-influencers with more than 10,000 followers is more practicable? Through these influencers, you will be targeting a niche group that is more responsive to this marketing strategy.  


Marketing strategies vary based on your niche and changes in innovations and marketing trends. Before implementing any marketing strategy, consider different testing various options to identify what works best for your needs.