Top 10 SEM Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing reached the point when it is almost impossible to imagine a business without a presence in the field. Regardless of the industry, product or customer group, digital marketing has a strong impact on businesses. Furthermore, the technological progress reshaping digital marketing means it is now mandatory to have a presence on different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and myriad of other platforms that quickly emerge and develop.

This article provides 10 SEM digital marketing trends. The key trends include but are not limited to the increasing role of content, revolutionary changes in social media and growing personalisation.

1. The content matters.

The quality of your content has a strong impact on digital marketing. However, so is the context as the content management relies on targeting to better fit their audience. Google and other leading search engines continue to advance their algorithm. This means that search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still important but it is not enough to outcompete the rivals in the current digital market. The website must be complete and effective to be competitive and content management is still the key.

2. Chatbots dominate the customer service segment.

A new technology that reshapes digital marketing in the customer service industry is chatbot technology. Chatbots relate to Artificial intelligence (AI) which became a new trend in the economy across many segments. In digital marketing, the technology became widely used by leading social media such as Facebook and now it is the turn of the customer service segment since chatbots help to more effectively service and communicate with customers. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective for businesses that reduce operating costs while maintaining a high quality of the service.

3. Facebook is losing its power as the key social media.

Facebook seems to have peaked in the market. The leading social media venue is losing steam with a high share of consumers aged 60 and above and low popularity among teenagers. Their peers such as Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok become more popular, stealing the market share from Facebook. This has had a revolutionary impact on digital marketing by changing the structure of the market. Businesses need to look at alternatives to Facebook by focusing more on the rising stars in the industry to make more suitable marketing campaigns.

4. The Rise of Instagram and Tik Tok.

The fall of Facebook as the dominant power in digital marketing gave birth to the new stars – Instagram and Tik Tok. The two social media platforms are becoming more popular with an increasing number of users and popularity among teens and young consumers. Hence, this trend means that the companies should pay more attention and allocate more of their advertising budgets to the emerging leaders of the digital marketing world. The two platforms are getting more attractive for firms that focus on young generation and teenagers.

5. The increased role of video marketing.

The video marketing became a must in the modern digital marketing world. The growth in mobile technologies and the popularity of smartphones has contributed to the revolution in video marketing. In the future, it is impossible to compete without video marketing. Therefore, companies should invest more heavily in video content to enhance competitiveness in digital marketing.

6. More personalisation in digital marketing.

As the effectiveness of generic advertising declines, personalised marketing is even more important. To be more effective in today’s digital marketing, it is critical you target your promotion to a particular customer (your customer avatar) and provide personalised service. In this case, personalisation increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts by being more specific, personal and targetted.

7. The growth in interactive content.

Another trend that reshapes digital marketing relates to the increasing popularity of interactive content. This is everything that improves customer perception and helps ignite buyer behaviour. This is a relatively new channel in digital marketing that is proving itself to be extremely effective. Furthermore, interactive content helps provide customers with an engaging experience that will more likely result in the desired buyer behaviour. Therefore, it is very likely that more online businesses will add quizzes, 360-degree videos or augmented reality to their digital marketing portfolio.


8. The rising popularity of voice interaction.

Voice interaction originated from new technologies such as Siri and Alexa and reshaped the digital marketing industry. Now it is almost impossible to imagine a successful marketing campaign without using voice interaction with customers. People like talking, so the new technologies help enhance customer experience thereby increasing the effectiveness of digital marketing. In addition, this creates a unique customer experience thereby fostering relationships with clients and improving brand loyalty.

9. The rise of omnichannel marketing.

A combination of different platforms is referred to as the omnichannel and it is a new trend in digital marketing. Many businesses found it useful and beneficial to combine different platforms in marketing such as email, apps, website and social media. This is expected to improve customer experience and contribute to stronger brand loyalty. Furthermore, it is found that omnichannel marketing is significantly more effective than traditional tools and this will drive even more attention to this field. In addition, new technologies allow many businesses to benefit from the trend.

10. The increasing role of messaging apps.

Messaging apps became more popular in the last few years as more and more businesses invest in this area. Moreover, messaging apps go beyond communication with friends and family but can also be successfully used in digital marketing allowing businesses to reach more audiences and improve customer relationships. Therefore, messaging apps are likely to increase effectiveness of digital marketing.


Digital marketing continues to grow and there are many opportunities to successfully conduct marketing campaigns to improve customer relationships and brand loyalty. Despite increasing technological sophistication and changing the environment, content quality plays an important role in digital marketing. In addition, technologies expand into the area as reflected by chatbots, voice interaction and messaging apps. Personalisation is expected to change digital marketing through higher efficiency compared to generic advertising. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the transformation among social media platforms with the rapid rise of new venues such as Instagram and Tik Tok.