Top 10 Global Payment Gateway Providers

A global payment gateway can be specified as the procedure of processing the payment process between the merchants and the customers globally. It also assures the highest safety when making payments from customers to merchants’ accounts.

Payment processors usually enable merchants to receive payments online via debit or credit cards, bank transfers, and many more. Thus, facilitating it becomes easy and safe to process and receive payments from both the merchants and customers.

As an outcome, it also assists in building brand loyalty and reduces ditched carts. However, putting a global payment gateway in the right manner is vital otherwise. Moreover, it may tend to a reduction in customers and sales. 

Below is the list of some of the best global payment gateways that help in making a good impression on your global customers. And these global payment platforms are secure, trustworthy, and quick to receive multiple modes of payment. So, without any delay, let’s get started with a list of the top ten global payment gateways.

10. Alipay Global

Alipay is another wonderful option in our list of global payment gateways. Generally, 450 million users have preferred Alipay for online payments



Easy to use

Only supports 12+ currency

Easy to Integrate

No transparent description available for pricing

Safe payments


Mobile payments are also available


Efficient funds settlements



9. Amazon Pay

Activated for its merchants and shoppers to process hassle-free, Amazon Pay has also evolved into a global sensation.



Amazon Pay assists in getting back loyal customers

Money withdrawal takes more than 2-3days

Assists to increase conversion


Invariably revised with the latest features


Delivers A to Z customer security


It also integrates fraud detection tools


8. Braintree

Braintree by PayPal is next on our list of global payment gateways. It can also receive online payments via Bitcoin in collaboration with Coinbase.



It is available in around 43 countries


It also takes Bitcoin as a payment


Customers can pay using different options


3D secure and additional fraud protection standards


24/7 customer support via phone and email



7. Authorize.Net is another best global payment gateway open for global merchants. Therefore, it is here for the long term and is best suited for small businesses. 



It provides eCheck Processing

Helps businesses in US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia

Also advanced Fraud Protection Features

Not obtainable in All Countries

Recurring Billing Services


24/7 Customer Service Available


6. WorldPay

Next on our list of best global payment gateway is WorldPay. 



It sustains in around 125 currencies

Most Merchants Complain Regarding Hidden Costs

Functional in 145 countries


Integrates Fraud Screening and Alert Feature


Payment Processing via e-mail & mobile phones


Recurring Payments Features


5. 2Checkout

2Checkout is one of the favored global payment gateway providers which is now obtained by VeriFone, it is also an international leader in offering payment and eCommerce solutions.



Receives Payments from around 200 Countries

It has even complaints of held payments

Funds Multi-language Checkout

A long list of products restricted to selling

More than 100 Currencies to process online payments


40+ Payment Methods


It also integrates Fraud Management


4. SecurionPay

SecurionPay is next on the list of best global payment gateways. Although it delivers hassle-free online payment services. 



In this global payment gateway, 160+ Currencies are Funded

Concentrates on Receiving only Credit Card Payments

Mostly functions in around 45 Countries


PCI Level 1 Compliant


Anti-Fraud Features



3. Stripe Global Payment Gateway

Contrary to other top global payment gateways, Stripe is a cloud-based payment strategy that also delivers a range of APIs which provide merchants full authority to integrate new payment choices. 



Provide 135+ currencies

Chargeback Management Duration is usually long

Function in 42 Countries Across the world

Unavailable in All Countries

API Based Payment Procedure


24/7 Technical and customer service



2. WebPays

It is one of the best global payment gateways, which would provide some of the best qualities of payment services. Its payment services are also extended to a wide range assessed with merchant banks. Even also the merchant does not need to spend higher transaction charges.


With WebPays payment solutions, there are zero currency issues. And processing is done from any currency to another without any delay or any kind of regular transaction troubles.




Global Orientation



Transparency in Pricing Structure


High Volume Services



Virtual Terminal



24*7 Excellent Customer Service



Spam and Fraud Protection



Streamline Shopping Cart Integration


Multi-currency acceptance


Powerful Dashboard


Easy checkout and global card saving


PCI DSS Compliant



1.  PayPal Global Payment Gateway

PayPal is the favorite and best payment gateway globally. Basically, it is one of the top ten global payment gateway providers that enable you to pay and accept payments around the world.



Quick Activation & Integration

Transaction Costs are High

Functional in 200+ Countries

Website Redirection to conduct Payment

100+ Currency Approval


24/7 Customer Support 


Instant Money Withdrawal



So, now you have a precise list to choose the best global payment gateway, and no one will stop you. Decide your budget, and requirements of your online business, review the details provided above, and then choose the best global payment gateway to deliver a secure and easy-to-integrate payment gateway for your customers.

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