Subcontractor Data Management: 3 Hacks to Take into Account

One of the most efficient approaches in the context of data management and security improvements is switching to paperless processes. Digital-friendly workflows start with bidding estimating software, management applications, cloud-based databases, encryption algorithms, etc. Just try to automate numerous operations that contractors used to undertake through the paperwork.

Before we are going to unveil other hacks to secure your subcontractor and contractor data, take a closer look at the latest statistics that prove the fact – data management and safety are essential in the construction sector:

  • Over 533 million Facebook users faced data breaches – some hackers stole their private information from their accounts and used it for their criminal activities (credits, scams, other affairs).

  • The number of ransomware issues increased twice in comparison with 2020 statistics. In 2021-2022, the reports state about 424 million cases both from average Internet users and business representatives.

  • Construction hits the list of the riskiest industries in the context of data breaches. The IT sector together with retail leads this least of the most vulnerable sectors today. The healthcare sphere together with marketing is also at a high risk of data breaches in the 21st

It goes without saying that data management should become the top-priority task for contractors and subcontractors. Among the most efficient recommendations are ones to secure your corporate information and sensitive insights for your business.

Tips for Contractors and Subcontractors to Secure Data and Manage It Well

Start with the encryption for your cybersecurity. This hack is one of the most effective in the context of construction data management. Use encrypt corporate devices that contain safe algorithms for processing, sharing, and storage of any data entries. The idea is that you as a contractor or subcontractor decide for yourself who is going to get access to your information.

Encryption can require entering a special key or password. This way that your data security becomes multi-level and more efficient. Note that representatives of the construction sphere can count on several encryption methods at once. For example, you can use encrypt devices with symmetric and asymmetric algorithms,

Do not forget about secure approaches for safe Internet connection. Cloud-based tools require many online operations. If you store information in cloud-based systems, be ready to use VPN or private networks not to face hackers. Speaking about other hacks for improved subcontractor and contractor data management, there are three of them to take into consideration.

1 – Implementation of Security Best Practices

First, undertake a revision of your corporate policies. You can improve your data management with the help of new security policies and other similar practices. Do not forget about training as you implement new technologies, regulations, and anything else. For this purpose, take a closer look at various efficient formats for your optimizations:

  • Workshops;

  • Meeting;

  • Onboarding events;

  • Modules for workers, etc.

Do not forget that security awareness posters of GIFs sent in the chat to your team members can make a difference and improve your data security in the company.

2 – Use Two-Factor Authentication

Strong passwords that are difficult to hack are a thing. But in combination with two-factor authentication – this is a powerful tool against ransomware, hackers, and corporate data breaches. The idea is that anyone who would like to access your information should complete confirmation of login identity and enter a one-type code that is sent to the email or telephone number of the user.

3 – Historical Data Matters, So Should Be Protected

Remember that your historical data is important for analytical research, estimates, and other tasks that will improve your decision-making performance. But it is useless to store paper archives in the 21st century. Just store it in the digital format. This way you will always have access to your historical contractor or subcontractor data through special-purpose software and databases.

For example, there are special DMS for construction. Document management systems will present you with all the necessary information from the archives while making these operations paperless and extremely convenient.

These are only some effective approaches in the context of data security and management if you are a contractor or a subcontractor. Among other strategies to take into account is the management of data access policies and permissions, undertaking regular backups, installation of security programs, and connection to trusted or even private networks.