8 Social Media Practices to Boost SEO

Social media is the cornerstone of branding, marketing, and advertising. It’s the hottest new place to experiment with your latest marketing campaign, then take it forward. Fewer companies now opt for commercials and billboards because they can use their social media handles instead.

Almost all forms of business can be conducted online today, which is how we managed to continue working as a collective global society even during multiple lockdowns for COVID-19. Although we are returning to an offline world, many practices we have learned online seem to be staying with us. This is the reason why having an online presence holds vast importance for businesspeople across the world.

We suggest that you sign with us, One to One Design Studio, the best SEO agency has to offer. We will you build your online presence from the ground up or re-do your social media in a way that’s more conducive to your business style, and so on. Using social media right can have wondrous business benefits for your company, and we’re here to help you with that.

In the meantime, let’s look at some of these social media practices that will help boost your SEO.

1. Use Visual Content

Most people identify better with short format content than longer textual content, especially on social media. The idea is that users prefer spending less time on one piece of content when they can instead scroll to see others. Visual content with shorter sentences placed strategically can bring in more traffic and engagement.


2. Understand Different Social Media Platforms

There are many social media platforms, of which the more your company uses, the better your reach. It’s essential to understand what kind of content goes on each platform - some support images and videos as opposed to long-form written content, and so on. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Medium, and WordPress.


3. Create Useful / Helpful Content

The content you put out there must be relevant to your business but also relate to your followers or prospective followers. “How to” posts in any medium are always attention-grabbing, as are fun memes tailored to your business, and so on. It not only shows that your company’s keeping up with the times, but it’s also helping you out somehow.


4. Engage With Your Followers

Simply creating posts and sharing them on your profile is not enough; you also have to engage with your audience. If there are comments on a post, create an interesting response for it. Conduct more polls and Q&A sessions, create content to which people can respond, consider and implement follower suggestions, etc. Engagement increases your social media reach, which leads to more business.


5. Make Your Content Easy To Share

If someone wants to share something from your social media, it should be easy to do and not a task. Keep your profile name concise and accurate, have the right social media buttons on your blog and website, and keep your URLs short and crisp. In your posts, you can even have a CTA mentioning how the reader/viewer can share your post.


6. Understand The Algorithm

Social media algorithms seem to be the talk of the town because of the importance they hold to a growing account. The algorithm is a way to sort posts on one’s feed/dashboard based on several factors. Some algorithms are based on chronology/posting time, and others on the post's relevance. Without consistent posting, user engagement, and so on, your page can lose relevance, and your posts will not show up in your followers’ timelines. Unless you spend time understanding social media algorithms, you won’t know how to develop your social media to grow.


7. Create A Social Media Schedule

Stagnant social media accounts are incredibly bad news. You don’t want to have posted something continuously for three days and suddenly stop for the next week. Sit down with your SEO agency in Northampton, explain your goals, and develop a content calendar (or a social media schedule). This is to give you an idea about what your marketing team needs to work on, by when, and for whichever formats.


8. Invest In Creative Copywriters

A creative copywriter in any marketing team is invaluable because they get into your consumer's mind and develop words that will ensure engagement. All those funny one-liners you see in your notifications or social media captions? That’s the work of copywriters, without whom social media management would be a tizzy. We mean invest - don’t go for someone who accepts the lowest pay; go for the one whose copies are the most creative.