8 Strategies To Monitor and Fix Your Ecommerce Online Marketing Strategy

More traffic guarantees more sales. Here are some proven pointers from one of the top digital marketing agencies in UAE to view the performance of your e-commerce Platform.

Assess how good your e-commerce performance:

Analyze your current requirement for business. Do you want to track where your customers quit from your web page so you can remarket to them? Do you wish to increase the number of leads to conversion or check if your high-value products are being sold? As the first step, you need to analyze the data of your e-commerce site. Based on your goals as mentioned above, ensure the right KPI, such as conversion rate, average order value, net profit, and cart abandonment rate are fixed if not it is a clear sign of marketing campaign failure.

Understand Your Target Group:

Many eCommerce firms fail because the right products are offered to the wrong set of audiences. You need to communicate to the right target group that fits the product’s demographic segmentation. A strategy is needed before you begin to spend on your marketing budget event the time of planning your e-commerce platform flow.

Gain and don't lose leads:

If you are losing leads, it implies that the marketing methods you have implemented need to be altered. Every promotional effort should delight and inform potential clients, encouraging them to complete the buying process, doing so, we would be able to convert them from lead to a successful conversion in a business.

Eight initiatives you can start to increase sales in your eCommerce store by which you can improve your eCommerce marketing.

1.  Friends of Friends strategy: Use referral codes

Existing customers are the biggest opportunity makers for your business. Referral marketing is where the existing consumers would refer your services or product items to their family, friends, and network.

Benefits of referral marketing in your eCommerce business

Gain of lookalike audience:

When people refer, they will refer to their friends, most likely who would share the same kind of interests; this is called a Lookalike Audience. It is a way your marketing campaigns can reach new people who would be interested in your business because they share similar characteristics.

Make the best of your Customer’s network because people often frequently seek acquaintances and friends for recommendations on services and products. In this way, you will reach your target audience quickly.

Increase Trust:

The trust factor increases by four times when a product or service is referred by a friend. This is directly correlated to the quality of products and services your company provides.

2. Instagram marketing

Instagram is the latest and ideal platform for showcasing products, and services, sharing your customer feedback and reaching out to new buyers.

Growth hacking:

Use Hashtags that are relevant to engage with your target audience who has similar buying preferences. Conduct contests and later try gathering user-generated material.

Analytics: Be active when your followers are active, this will increase your engagement score, and the Instagram algorithm will boost your posts.

3.  Use Meta Ads

Facebook ads are executed from the Facebook campaign manager accounts, which all have come under the umbrella brand Meta. Do you want highly relevant traffic and increased conversions in your business, then having ads in Meta can help you with achieving your goals and can increase repeat sales.

4.  Use memes to spice up your social media marketing.

A low-cost technique for business owners, marketers, and storytellers are Meme marketing. It is to create exciting material that attracts attention from the desired target audience. Memes are created on well-known topics; they would either be static images or animated GIFs; memes are easy to make.

5.  Subscription model:

It is difficult to make a buyer subscribe from their first sale because they might be a one-time buyer. Use upselling as part of your eCommerce marketing strategy to provide your customers with additional offers or bundle offers only for subscribers. You can, for example, provide a member price on product sites and demonstrate that buyers will save money if they choose it. Subscription models will provide a high return on investment for you and .additional value to your customers.

6.  Offers and seasonal sales

Remind your customers about the items on their wishlists that they would have forgotten or not moved to the cart for purchase as an eCommerce company utilizes the opportunity of reminding the consumer to move items from the wishlist into a paid order. Have a call-to-action as an objective and send reminder emails. Celebrate occasions and provide sales on certain categories of your product or services. this will draw consumers to your website, and they would spend more than usual due to the sale and offers provided. They gain more, and your objectives will also be met; it's a win-win scenario.

7.  Use testimony

Testimonies are great ways to gain trust from new buyers it is the most effective eCommerce method. Many companies utilize testimonials on landing pages and emails. Testimonials are usually used as a carousel on the main website, including the price information, and provide links to buy your products to get immediate conversions.

8.  Free Shipping

This is another way to increase your cart value as well. You can offer free delivery on orders worth more than a certain amount. It will nudge the consumer to add at least a least-value product to the cart. Use communication in a pop-up format to mention how many dirhams away they are from free shipping.