Crafting a Successful Google Ad Remarketing Strategy

A remarketing strategy is the best technique a digital marketing agency can execute to convert consumers who are already acquainted with a brand. This can be achieved through many means available. However, the most effective has proven to be Google Ads. 


You will learn how to create an effective and successful Google Ad remarketing campaign through this article. But before setting up a remarketing strategy, you need to remember the below. 


Target customers: Before setting up a remarketing campaign, it is best to list down the customers you wish to target. Be clear on how you wish to categorize them. Here are a few examples of how you can categorize your target customers. 

  • Customers that did not go through with a transaction and left before completing it. 
  • Customers that downloaded your app but didn’t complete a certain action. 
  • Customers that failed to view a targeted page, like a discount. 

When you have clearly defined your target customers, it is time to work on the basic framework, campaign, and method. 


Setting up a successful Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

Before crafting a Google remarketing campaign, you need to know that Google AdWords has an option that allows you to remarket your business across various Google platforms. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your campaign:


  • Widen your target group

Do not settle for a single set of customers, especially when you can reach more by targeting a different set of customers with different advertisements. It also helps if you combine your app into the marketing strategy instead of directing all the focus only to the website’s traffic. 


  • Incorporate smart bidding

Smart bidding is an option offered by Google Advertisements to achieve better results. It does this by identifying the marketing strategy and giving you options to choose from. Here are a few tactics you can incorporate into your smart bidding strategy: 

  • Increased CPA 
  • CPA to aim towards
  • Optimal ROAS
  • Expand the conversions


  • Create tags for the successful page

To implement a successful remarketing strategy, it is crucial to create tags for the right pages. Creating tags to the page that generates the most leads will automatically bring your customers to the site. This is the simplest and easiest way to bring customers to your site who are already acquainted with the successful page. 


  • Auto-targeting

Google’s algorithms can be highly beneficial in gaining maximum coverage as they target a similar group of customers as your remarketing strategy. Make the best use of Google’s auto-targeting feature, as it can help achieve better results by targeting a similar set of bonus customers. 


  • Dynamic Remarketing

The best way to explain remarketing is when you’ve searched for an item on the internet and notice it pop up everywhere immediately. Dynamic marketing eliminates unrelated ads and arranges the related ones in the best possible manner to foster engagement. This helps to optimize your remarketing, and the cost of ad spent is managed appropriately.


  • Resell to your current customers

A common misunderstanding about remarketing is that it targets those customers who did not convert from the first campaign. On the contrary, it is more beneficial to market to your current loyal customers as they already believe in your brand more than anyone. This opens up opportunities for upselling and cross-selling to these same customers. 


  • Expand your region and language

Another way to increase exposure is by changing your settings to allow browsing in different languages and regions. This will allow customers to contact you directly in their language rather than restrict the conversation due to a difference in language. 


  • Identify the best-performing concept

To increase the effectiveness of your remarketing campaign, you should always assess which strategy is giving you better results. This can be done using the A/B testing method. It will give you a good idea of which strategy works best for your campaign and will benefit you in the future. It also gives you an idea as to what has worked for you. The best practice is to keep minimal differences between two ads while doing A/B testing so you can track which element of the ad has worked well for you.


  •  Increase bids on the cart abandoners

Another set of target customers to focus on in a remarketing strategy are those who intend to purchase your product. They ate the ones that dropped the product into the shopping cart but did not go through with their transaction for whatever reason. The best way to tackle these kinds of customers is to increase their bids in your remarketing strategy. This target group should not be left out, as they are the easiest to convert, as they have the intention but need a little nudge to go through with it. 


Digital agencies that offer Google Ads Management should focus on remarketing campaigns as they have a possibility of expanding the target group and influencing their decisions. 


If this is something you are attempting for the first time, the above tips and tricks will help you achieve success. However, it is advised to test your strategy first before executing a large-scale campaign. 


There are a lot of tools available, each designed to manage different activities to help you achieve success with your marketing strategy. Apart from Google Advertisements, there are other platforms that you can incorporate to get the best results from your campaign. Nevertheless, always understand the basics before executing any plan.