10 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About Right Digital Marketing Strategy

The buzz these days is all about implementing the correct digital marketing strategy. But how do professionals effectively perform in their positions? For a digital marketing company in Kolkata like us, it requires more practice for perfection that brings you success.

Since you're an executive in digital marketing, your superiors assume you are fully versed in the field's inner workings. Maybe so, but more often than not, unmet expectations end up slapping us in the face.

To know in detail, let's narrow our discussion to a few key points about what a boss expects his employee will know about -


  • Learn to do proper (SEO):

Your manager will expect you to understand every nuance of the digital marketing strategy if you are working on the SEO team. He hopes that whatever task you're given will quickly and easily reach the top of the search engine results page. Your manager expects and insists that you learn every SEO trade secret.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is increasing website visitors through natural (i.e., unpaid) search engine results. This optimization technique encompasses a wide range of topics.


  • Know Social Media Optimisation (SMO) in detail:

Another important digital marketing strategy is SMO. When it comes to online advertising, social media will always play a significant part. It serves a similar function as the spine. Your marketing efforts may stoop in a short time if the social media presence is weak.

Your employer, in this day and age where social media is so pervasive, needs you to be an expert in SMO/SMM.

Social media is becoming a marketing powerhouse, with thousands of companies vying to remain on top.

Social media is a wide zone where many people are associated with one another with the assistance of technology. You may reach these millions of people only with a click.


  • Have enough knowledge about content writing.

Anyone who has worked in digital marketing has undoubtedly heard the phrase "Content is King" before. Without content, it is impossible to have search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), or anything.

Be happy with yourself if you've made a career out of writing content. Also, remember that your manager is probably expecting the moon from you.


  • Understand from the customer's point of view -

This is crucial for the digital marketing strategy to be practical from the user's point of view. The finished version is for the consumers, and you will never succeed if your promotional efforts don't persuade your target market. So, utilize your best judgment and develop the plan based on the needs of your target audience. Learn from their habits and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing to capture their interest.


  • Relate with the previous plans and find outcomes.

Warn your superiors about wasted money on the company's current advertising campaign. In the face of so much deprivation, a new digital marketing strategy is needed. Pay attention to the possibilities of your plan, and you can use some of the good features of a current project to improve it. Your manager may not view this as a major adjustment but as a tweak. At this point, your job's a piece of cake.


  • Calculate the proper costing.

How well do you understand what he or she needs to hear now? She or he is looking for figures. What kind of return do we anticipate? Can we talk about the immediate and future expenses? Find out as much as possible about the price tag, then devise a strategy that won't break the bank. Conceive the alternate digital marketing strategy for putting the plans into action. Halfway through the plan's implementation, you could generate enough outputs to cover the remaining implementation costs.

As a result, the plan's remaining implementation and adaptation costs will be covered by the plan itself, which is excellent news for the business. Create a radio campaign's SEO plan & figure out the return on investment.


  • Measure the results properly.

The employer wants to hear about the outcome of the digital marketing strategy after it has been finalized. Create reliable benchmarks for success when developing the plan. Develop a variety of KPIs, including those about the growth of sales, the expansion of online engagement, and the acquisition of new email subscribers & customers.

These examples of actual outcomes have a strong influence and may be relied upon when putting the digital marketing strategy into action. If you want your boss to trust you, you must stay committed to your plan and its objectives. A risky system like marketing can be turned into a productive one with the help of a competent manager.


  • Learn to make the best plan.

Now that we have a plan let's think about the following topics, which will help us get perspective on the next stage. This short article will go through a few basic rules of thumb to follow or avoid to ensure your work is error-free.


  • Simplicity is the best.

Be careful not to overdo it. Try to be as brief and direct as possible. If your business has apps, the same planning principles should be used for your website and mobile application. Do not overload every page with large media files and excessive content. To keep users' attention on the tasks at hand, it is important to optimize material in this manner.


  • Learn to be Facebook-friendly.

Businesses are increasingly turning to Facebook marketing to bolster their brands due to the platform's massive user base. There's logic to this, as social media activity will heavily influence your clients' purchasing decisions. You don't have to pay a dime to get the word about your brand-new service or product. In this sense, your strategy needs to be compatible with Facebook.



Everything that ends up being a good story started as a plan. What's stopping you from starting your own? The marketers of a digital marketing company in Kolkata also say that building a powerful internet brand is not a wild trip, but it does require a savvy crew to do the heavy lifting. The top digital marketing agencies, as are independent SEO consultants, are available for hire.


These crucial tasks can also be handled by in-house management. Consistent expansion is good for business, with success always being the default.