5 Steps To Success In Affiliate Business

This article is just the beginning of your incredible journey as a super affiliate. I created this article for you specifically to help you see the "Big Picture" of how to approach affiliate marketing and set up your business.

In addition, I also want to help you go a step beyond the every day goal of "affiliate success", and show you how to become s super affiliate.

The truth of the matter is that regular affiliates and super affiliates do almost the same amount of work. Yet, the income difference between these two types of affiliates is drastic. The simple reason is that super affiliates work a little "smarter". I will teach you how to work that little smarter.

1. "The Power of One"

This focus isn't just about sticking to your business plan and taking daily action, although those are both crucial parts of the equation. Rather, what I mean by focus is the idea of doing one thing a time, and keeping your sights on one objective at a time.

This means:

a. One affiliate business at a time, based on...

b. One affiliate program - which is promoted via...

c. One web site - and that site should have...

d. One objective - To serve visitors with a landing / "opt-in" page where you collect names and e-mail addresses onto your follow-up list.

Over time, you can have as many affiliate businesses as you want. The point is that you should focus on building one business in one market before you move into another.

2. Simplicity

It involves the following :

a. Creating clean, simple opt-in pages.

b. Sending "to the point" emails which are properly fomatted.

c. Providing alternative mediums for communication and delivery of content.

Please remember that keeping things simple and clean gets more response, and better conversions.

3. Branding

Build your brand as a super affiliate using the following tactics:

a. Using your full name and personal picture.

b. Any graphics you use as site headers must display your name and personal images.

c. Coming up with a memorable slogan, for example, signing off your emails with a "We All Are Super Affiliates", will help to remind people of why you have established a relationship with them.

d. Focus on creating a logo and colour scheme for all sites, reports and bonus products.

4. Lead Generation and List Building

The reason is that "selling" is really all about relationships.

When you build your own leads list, however, you benefit from the following 4 outcomes:

a. Potential customers interact with you (the affiliate) first, rather than going directly to the merchant.

b. You have more control over the customer's perceptions of the product.

c. You are able to generate repeat business from existing customers.

d. Over time, the trust you establish with your list will generate more sales.

Your customers and subscribers benefit from:

a. The high-quality information you provide to them helps to improve their lives.

b. Better buying experiences for your customers. Your trusted recommendations also lead them to appropriate solutions, and this takes the stress out of buying products / services on-line.

5. Follow Ups and List Relationships

Your communication with your list must be consistent and methodical. Just remember this, a successful affiliate with plan his communication in advance, with a specific objective in mind.

However, you must also that spontaneity to building a relationship with your subscribers that goes deeper than just trying to "get the sale" from them.

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