So You Want To Be A Guru

Unfortunately claiming guru status doesn't work. In fact to do so denies you the hope of grabbing this lofty position. It can be obtained only indirectly through demonstration.

Go Further Than Most

Survey the battlefield you must conquer. Search out information to plug holes in the fabric of what you already know. And keep up with changes in your field in every possible way. Follow appropriate journals and ezines.

Seek other avenues as well. Attending industry specific conferences can be extremely rewarding. Seek every path leading to total understanding within your niche.

Show You've Got It

Your expertise needs to be demonstrated throughout your website, in everything you do or say. This adds credibility to your image as perceived by your visitors.

Image isn't everything, that's so. But it matters more in an online business than it does offline. For if the image isn't right, you'll never get a visitor to read the first word of a sales presentation.

Don't Fake It

Some have odd notions about what "expert" means. There is often an expectation of total knowledge. But even in a narrow niche, it's flat impossible to know it all. Thus many seeking expert status often fake it.

They may simply duck the question, talk their way around it, or even give bad information. The appropriate response to a question you don't have an answer to is, "I don't know."

Why people hesitate to say this right out loud continues to surprise me. Consider what it demonstrates.

Honesty, for one. "Hey, you've got me good." And a little brag as well; "Right, I should have this answer." (Meaning indirectly, "Because I am the expert.")

Now blow everybody away by following up. "Let me check into it, and get back to you."

This is a wow. Your questioner will be flattered, and impressed you treat their question seriously. Sure, you best not have to say this too often, but when you must, don't hesitate to do so.

Don't Lie

Never say such and such is true, unless you know it's so and can back it up with what most will consider facts. If you doubt for a moment people will accept your argument, try something like, "While some disagree with me, what seems to work best ..."

Admitting your view is not universal, yet suggesting it is best, puts people in a frame of mind to give serious consideration to what you say.

Be Stylish And Complete

Always provide a complete answer. Include arguments, information, and references as needed to back up your position. But do so gently. Not as if speaking from a mountain top. Instead, stand beside the reader and offer the best you've got in an effort to help out.

Watch Every Word

Have you ever been grilled by a smart cop? If so, you probably did not think to lie. But you may have stretched the truth some. If you did, you got caught in it, didn't you? Maybe nothing was said, but that cop knew.

How? Cops listen. They really listen.

Surfers are becoming very good "listeners" as well. Better every day. One or more will find every blunder you make, even if you never hear of it.


Always tell it as you see it. Never change your position because of the audience. If you do, you'll soon become hopelessly lost as to what your position is, much as you see among some politicians.

If you know what you're about, and stick to the facts, you'll win easily over all who fail in this. Avoid exaggeration. If your opinion is not mainstream, admit it. And if you don't know, say so.

Abstracted from "Secrets To A Really Successful Website"