Build Any Focused Site You Can Imagine

Internet users are always looking for web sites that can organize and present links to useful internet companies and information in a particular area.


For example your eBiz could be an internet resource/directory pertaining to one of the following categories:

• Dating
• Jobs
• Health
• Travel
• Financial Info
• Entertainment
• Parents
• Seniors
• College Students
• Teens

You could probably come up with a hundred other category ideas that would make for a useful eBiz site that visitors would like to frequent.

Here is an example of how you could build a focused site:

Dating Site:

  • Step #1 - People are always searching the internet for dating info and better ways to meet each other romantically. You could have a site where you give dating advice. Maybe a list of funny pick-up lines. You could have some tips on how to safely set-up dates with people you meet on the internet or give some inexpensive date ideas. Maybe even words of consolation for those tending a broken heart.
  • Step #2 - You should link to a few different internet dating services. Add some sort of recommendations to really drive sign-ups. You could also have links to dating advice books, singles' magazines, even relationship videos. Of course, all these companies will pay you to link to them and it costs nothing. It's all profits.

When you build your site, you will have to follow these steps in order:

  1. Build your web site first with whatever original content you want plus simple links to any dating sites and resources you like. Even though these links will not pay commissions, you must first build a functional site before you later swap out these non-paying links for paying affiliate links.
  2. Once your site is up and running, you should then join the four top affiliate administrators: Commission-Junction, LinkShare, BeFree, and ClickXChange. Membership is free. (No affiliate program will accept you before you have a site up and running - that's why you have to do step #1 first) Once a member of these four affiliate administrators, apply to any and all of the complementary affiliate programs at each of these and experiment with which programs work best for your site. via Commission-Junction is a great example.
  3. Then also join onResponse and WebSponsors. Membership is free here too. These companies offer many free offers and other free stuff and will pay you just like an affiliate program to promote these things. You may find some free things that complement a dating site. Ironically, promoting free stuff often makes you the most money.
  4. If your site looks nice, is neatly organized, and links to solid internet freebies that will be of interest to you visitors, you could be on your way to some very easy money.

Strong Recommendation: If you build a dating site with affiliate links like we recommend, experiment primarily with text links. Having a sea of banner ads and buttons on your page looks amateurish.