How To Find And Signup For Affiliate Programs


The best way to find and signup for affiliate programs is through the biggest affiliate administrators. The vast majority of popular affiliate programs are run by these top affiliate administrators so you will almost certainly find many ideal matches for your site at these administrators' sites. (Remember that your site must be up and running in some form or another before they will consider accepting you.)

Here's what to do:

  1. Go to each of the following sites and apply one by one:

Commission-Junction - This is the best place to look for affiliate programs since they pool your earnings from all the affiliate programs under their umbrella so you won't have to worry about reaching payment thresholds.

Linkshare - A first-class administrator with top-notch affiliate programs.

Be Free - Another top administrator with world-class affiliate programs.

ClickxChange - A top administrator with a very large number of affiliate programs. Although you have to sift through listings of many weak companies, you will also find many great ones that have very high per-click fees.

Web Sponsors - A bit different from the above four administrators as they don't oversee entire company's affiliate programs but rather products and offerings on a case by case basis. These offers can be just as lucrative though. Many offers are even more lucrative because they are free offers that you still get paid to promote. Nothing sells on the internet like free stuff.

On Response - Another great company along the same lines as Web Sponsors.

We highly recommend that you apply to all of these affiliate administrators as this will open you up to the most options when choosing affiliate programs. In fact, these administrators combined handle over 1000 of the biggest and best affiliate programs in the world. So after filling out these quick and simple applications, you will probably need to look no further for your affiliate program needs.

Remember: All affiliate administrators and all affiliate programs underneath their umbrella charge NO FEES whatsoever. You get paid for sending traffic to these internet companies. You never have to pay to participate in this business relationship. If you ever come across an affiliate program that asks you to pay money up front or in any form or fashion, don't even think about it. It's a scam, or at the very least, it's a bad business proposition that you should never consider.

  1. If and when you are accepted by the affiliate administrators, you will then be allowed to apply to the various affiliate programs that they operate. Look for companies that compliment your site. Each affiliate administrator will have detailed information on how much each company will pay for your potential traffic.
  2. Apply to any and all affiliate programs that you think might be appropriate to your site. You will not be penalized in any way if you never get around to working with each of the individual affiliate programs that you signup for. Some companies will accept you right on the spot as they trust the filtering standards of the affiliate administrators who don't accept porn or any kind of illegal site. Other companies might visit your site first before welcoming you to their program.
  3. Start to integrate these new paying affiliate links that will be offered to you into your site. Experiment a little to see which ones are most profitable. If you are not yet receiving sizable traffic to your site, this experimentation process may take a while longer because you can't really tell which affiliate programs are best for you if you don't have at least a decent sampling of visitors. At each of the affiliate administrators, you will have access to status reports on how much money you are making off of each individual affiliate program that you are promoting (linking to).
  4. Check every month or so with each of the affiliate administrators to see which new companies are offering affiliate programs through them. If a promising new company joins, signup with them.
  5. Then close your eyes and take a nap as your eBiz will be making money even while you sleep. There is no better feeling in the world.