How To Reverse Engineer Your Success


The best and fastest way to learn how to make money on the Internet is to buy the marketing books of successful web marketers. You can find a selection of marketing books at these sites:

But there's also another way: study their web sites and reverse engineer their success.

The great thing about the Internet is that everything is visible - nothing is hidden. If it's working for them, you can find out exactly how they're doing it by studying their site.

=> Subscribe to their Newsletter and examine their Welcome Message.

=> Analyze their Newsletter and see exactly how they use it to generate income.

=> Sign up for their free autoresponder course and find out why it produces sales.

=> Check out which affiliate programs they promote.

=> Read their free eBooks and discover how they bring in new customers.

Here are some examples:

(1) Recently I signed up for the Newsletter of someone who makes $130,000 a year just from affiliate programs. I wanted to see how he was doing it. What I noticed was that he doesn't even try to sell the affiliate products - he tells his readers how much he makes from those programs. Naturally, they join (through his link). The result? He has an army of sub-affiliates who do the selling for him.

(2) In another Ezine I recently saw a 40 word ad that interested me. I clicked on the link, and instead of taking me to the home page of the product, it took me straight to the order form. Very clever, and very effective.

(3) A few weeks ago I subscribed to a free autoresponder course - 12 daily web marketing lessons. Many people never finish these free courses. They unsubscribe half way through.

But this marketer made sure that people finished his course - he announced in the first lesson that the 12th lesson contained the download link for a very useful free eBook that I wanted. Naturally, I stayed with it till the last lesson.

(4) Last week I signed up for a marketing guru's 15-day free autoresponder course and I was amazed to see how easily it had been put together. Each module was simply a freely-available article by a recognized web marketing expert, with a sprinkling of affiliate links.

To sum up, when you visit the website of a marketing expert, pay close attention to everything you see. Ask yourself "Why is s/he doing that?". Everything is there for a reason.

If you make this a habit you'll quickly learn the art of making money on the Internet.

(c) 2001 by Michael Southon