Installing A Shopping Cart On Your Web Site

Do You Run Your Web Site Using Some Sort Of Web-Hosting Service?


The vast majority of small businesses fall into this category. You should not separate your shopping cart functions from your web hosting services. It will be much less complicated and usually even cheaper to use the shopping cart upgrades that your web host company provides. If your web host does not provide adequate shopping cart functions, SWTICH WEB HOSTS!

There are so many great web hosting companies these days with fairly simple integration of shopping cart functions at reasonable rates that it makes overwhelming sense to go with one of these companies. If you haven't even found a web-host company yet or are contemplating a change, we highly recommend Verio. (We refer to them as the "two Vs" of web hosting. You really can't go wrong with either of them.)

Do You Run Your Web Site Off Your Own Servers?

If you run your own web site on your own servers, then you will need special transaction/shopping software in order to do this most professionally. Good software will also guide you through the integrated partnership with a bank/credit card processor.

If you have built your web site with Microsoft's FrontPage 2000, we recommend buying the e-commerce software, StoreFront 2000, which is specially designed to run seamlessly together.

If you have built your web site in another way, the e-commerce software choices are numerous but depend on your specific needs. We recommend that you hire an outside designer/consultant to set this up for you. Visit BizBuyer to find an ideal consultant for your needs.