Review: LoopLink


Company Comments

I have asked all the companies to send in a few paragraphs of information about what makes their banner exchange unique. Here is what this one said:

--None Yet--

Personal Comments

You can not start your own rings here, you can only join the ones set up by LoopLink. The rings don't seem to have many pages in them, either...

Comments From Users Of This Service

This is where all you people out there that have used this in the past (or are using it at the moment), can post your comments, good or bad. Here they are:

Deana says: "Part of the deal in signing up was to have an ad in their EMag. Which they stated only went out to people who had signed up for e-mail ads in that category. Well, they did what they said, but now my mailbox is full of people complaining to me about EMag spamming them. Some of these complaints were down right nasty. I have heard of quite a few others that are having the same experience.

I just wanted everyone to know what to expect if they do sign up for LoopLinks. I would highly recomend staying away for this link."