NEWCOMERS: How to Succeed on the Internet

Here is the most common question that I come across in relation to Internet marketing:

"I can see that there is great potential for success on the Internet but I am a beginner. I don't really know where to start"

This question is asked by people who either have an existing business which they want to start promoting on the Internet or they are trying to find the right opportunity.

For both cases the answer is the same.

Whatever online business or opportunity you are involved in there is one essential skill that you will have to know.

You will need to know HOW TO PLACE ADVERTS.

Here are some of the things that you start to learn when you submit ads:

  • The various locations where you can place an ad such as newsgroups, forums, ezines, web sites: and the different rules and methods used for each one such as frequency of posting and size of ads.
  • How to post information to a mailing list or newsgroup for free but using a signature file to promote your products.
  • How to code your adverts so that you can identify where the response originates.
  • How to organise your mail files to handle responses.
  • How to simplify your own systems so that you have standard replies to common questions.
  • How to set up autoresponders if necessary to take away the chore of responding manually.
  • How to deal with the unexpected (for example, even though you may clearly spell out in your ad that a reply should be made to an autoresponder many people will still reply directly to you).

All of this is excellent EXPERIENCE which will prove invaluable for whatever online venture you follow.

Now suppose you could pick up this experience at no cost and earn an additional income into the bargain !

This would be equivalent of being trained for a lucrative job where instead of you having to pay for the training it's the other way round.

Believe it or not such opportunities are all around you on the Internet !

They are called 'reselling' operations.

When a company has a product or a service that they wish to sell they will often enlist 'resellers' to do the job of finding customers for them.

You may know a reseller by another name, for example: agent, associate, communicator, affiliate.

Once the reseller has managed to get the customer to make an order his job ends. The whole process of handling the order, the collection of payment, the shipping of goods, is done by the company (or distributor).

So the job of a reseller can be as simple as placing ads and commission is paid on the value of orders made.

If you find a reseller opportunity where you are not obliged to make any outlay for your involvement then you will gain the vital training that you need - for free - and can get well paid for it too.