Digital Marketing / 02.07.2021

9 Key Tips When Building Websites for a Better User Experience

by Juliette Anderson

These days, websites allow us to do a lot of tasks other than just reading a bunch of texts.   Many users ...

Digital Marketing / 01.07.2021

Copywriting Techniques For Each Part Of The Sales Funnel

by Liz Slyman

Sales funnel copywriting is written with the purpose of moving your prospect through the conversion steps of your funnel. First, ...

Digital Marketing / 01.07.2021

What is the Streaming Analytics Report by Forrester

by Elena Velikova

Streaming analytics, also called event stream processing, is the modern solution for analyzing big data in real-time using continuous queries. ...

Digital Marketing / 25.06.2021

TikTok Marketing In A Post COVID19 World: What's In It For You?

by Yuval Zilberfarb

Who’d have known we’d been taking for granted the most habitual things if not for COVID19? Suddenly we’ve come to ...

Digital Marketing / 24.06.2021

Easy Tips to Improve Your Marketing Strategy and 10X Your ROI

by Emily Moore

Marketing strategies are often complex and costly. However, a successful business knows how to quickly simplify its marketing strategy and ...

Digital Marketing / 23.06.2021

How To Set Up A Twitter Hashtag Feed On Your WordPress Website

by Julie Wiley

WordPress allows its users to insert a widget on web pages with ease. It offers users various integration of tools ...

Digital Marketing / 23.06.2021

How Blockchain is Changing Digital Marketing

by Maricar Morga

Any company that wishes to use the power of the internet to promote and expand its business is familiar with ...

Digital Marketing / 21.06.2021

320+ Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021 [Verified & Updated]

by Techvint

What is a social bookmarking site? Bookmarking is a process where you can bookmark a website on the same browser so ...

Digital Marketing / 21.06.2021

Video Marketing Statistics - Why Your Business Needs Video

by New Win Productions

Now more than ever, marketers are realizing the importance of using videos in their marketing campaigns. If you’re a marketer, ...

Digital Marketing / 18.06.2021

How User-Generated Content Provides Brands with A Competitive Edge & Helps Them Optimize their ROI

by Priya Kumari

User-Generated Content (UGC), alternatively known as user-created content refers to any form of content such as images, video, text, and ...