Digital Marketing / 06.03.2019

What kind of marketing content influences your customers the most?

by Ryan Gould

In a study by marketing research firm Clutch, 73% of people surveyed indicated they made purchases as a result of ...

Digital Marketing / 06.03.2019

10 Must Know PPC Trends for Your Business in 2019

by Clara Beck

PPC trends have created a massive change in the business space recently. 2019 will be one more year for Pay-Per-Click ...

Digital Marketing / 05.03.2019

5 Reasons Your Business Needs AI-Powered Marketing Automation Tools

by Linh Dinh

Marketing automation tools are pre-programmed tools that automatically manage your company’s marketing processes and campaigns across multiple channels. By using ...

Digital Marketing / 27.02.2019

Will Technology Leave Human Translators Jobless?

by Rilind Elezaj

We live in an interesting period that is characterized by rapid technological advancements. There is no doubt about this. The ...

Digital Marketing / 26.02.2019

Here’s Why All Marketers Need To Be Interested In Cryptocurrency

by Boris Dzhingarov

Cryptocurrency technology is quite new but it does create huge waves in various industries. Most specialists agree that cryptocurrency is ...

Digital Marketing / 25.02.2019

Targeting a Specific Demographic? 4 Benefits of Modern Digital Marketing

by Emma Sturgis

If you are a digital marketer or business owner, then understanding how to better target your specific demographic is essential ...

Digital Marketing / 22.02.2019

Is Marketing Letting Your Business Down?

by Dave Thomas

Whether you’ve had your business around for only a short time or many years, you want it to be a ...

Digital Marketing / 22.02.2019

4 Ways Marketers Can Ensure They Learn The Right Lessons From Data

by Scott East

In this digital age, marketers have more data to work with than ever before.   But actually deriving meaningful insights from that ...

Digital Marketing / 21.02.2019

Four Marketing Tips for Small Businesses In 2019

by David Marks

Small businesses need to develop unique marketing strategies if they want to be ahead of their competitors. However, the conventional ...

Digital Marketing / 20.02.2019

5 C’s of Flawless Branding

by Zubair Hassan

It’s a hard nut to crack for a company, service or product to stand tall in today’s competitive marketplace. Competition ...