The Incredibly Sexy and Seductive Business of Internet Marketing!


You MAY sit in front of your computer totally naked while you're working...I don't particularly care OR really want to KNOW, okay?!

BUT...what I DO know, is how "clothed" your online business is. What is your online image? How are you PERCEIVED by your potential clients? Are you effectively communicating the web presence and personality that you intend?

You know, it WOULD be rather embarrassing to be caught at work naked, now wouldn't it? Do you think Internet marketing is any different? The answer is, well....yes and no.

It is generally a fact, that no one can see what you are wearing, or not wearing, while you are working in front of your computer. (I know...scary, isn't it?) However, each and every day, people ARE looking at your web site.

They are looking at the organization of it: is its "hair" combed, everything in place? Is it "wrinkle free", easy to navigate and not hard on the eyes?

They are looking at the colors. The colors DO communicate with your visitors. Don't assault people with color combinations which cause PAIN when looked at!

Then, on the other hand, are you "all dressed up with nowhere to go"? You can have a visually drawing and beautiful site with absolutely NO content! It's kind of like going out on a date with someone who is handsome or beautiful, but has no brain, to speak of! It's pretty boring, after the first few infatuated moments!

Your site must be a perfect, or near perfect balance of "brains" and "beauty". THAT is a captivating and seductive combination!

YOU must ALSO be enticing! Your personality is showing! Your SITE, is not all that you are "selling" are selling yourSELF, and what you can offer!


Didn't think marketing could be sexy?! Think again! You are in the business of courting your potential customers!

You want to get their attention, draw them in with your honest words and communication, show them how GOOD you will make them look and feel when they are affiliated with you, offer them

YOUR time and attention, your loyalty, your concern for their well-being in business. After all...what you are trying to create is a "marriage" here! That's right...a long term commitment to doing business with YOU!

You aren't considering your OWN well-being if all you are pursuing is a "one-night-stand"! You WANT this customer to come back "home" to you tomorrow, and the next day, and even next YEAR! You can't foster THAT kind of commitment if you are selfish, and unwilling to invest in that customer's interests and concerns.


We must learn to look at marketing in a new and FUN light! This really helps to alleviate "burn-out" too!

Make it your determined GOAL to please and delight your clients!

Think about your first date with that significant other. Didn't you want to impress him or her? Did you buy flowers, wine and dine them, open doors for them? You know...that sort of behavior SHOULDN'T end after the first few months! AND...the same is true of your business relationships!

You are building a PERCEPTION of your business, and yourself. You not only WANT to make a good impression, you NEED to! Don't be lazy about it! You could risk losing the relationship if you are not attentive!

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