Why Every eBiz Can Profit From Affiliate Programs

From eBiz101.com

Particularly if you are running a professional looking eBiz with its own product or service line, why would you want to have some banner ad for eToys? You wouldn't.

Here are a couple opportunities, however, that you may have overlooked:

  • Books And Magazines: Almost any eBiz, no matter what its primary business function is, can profit from including a book and/or magazine affiliate program. If you give it some thought, you can almost always think of some book or magazine that is related to the content of your site and would be of interest to your visitors.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should have your affiliate links on your home page or any other of your pre-existing pages. But you could have a small link on your home page that reads, "Helpful Books" or "Car Magazines" or "Pet Information Center" or whatever connection you can make to the theme of your site. Then have this link to a new page you'll make where you recommend particular books or magazines that you think might interest your visitors. Each featured product would be an affiliate link to that product page at an internet book or magazine store.

  • Universally Appealing Affiliate Programs: Some products and services are of interest to almost every internet user no matter what you think your niche audience to be. For example, internet service providers, pay-to-surf programs, and free stuff are intriguing to most of your visitors.

You could have a small text link at the bottom of your home page that reads, "Looking For A Better ISP." Then have it link to a page that has links to AOL and any free internet service provider. Both of these have affiliate programs through the most popular affiliate administrators. Or put a small text-link at the bottom of a page that reads, "Get Paid To Surf The Internet." Then have this link directly to AllAdvantage. Or a small text link could read, "Free Stuff" and link to FreeShop which is run by the affiliate administrator LinkShare.

  • Affiliate Programs You Never Knew Existed: Many eBiz entrepreneurs assume that there isn't any affiliate program that would be of interest to them or that would compliment, but not cannibalize, their site's offerings. After seeing a list of the thousands of affiliate programs run by the top affiliate administrators, you may be surprised to find a company which would be a good match for your site and could be integrated in some way you had never even thought about.
  • Do You Have A Log Out Or Confirmation Page: Many kinds of eBiz sites have special password sections or private security sections where users end their visit by logging out. Also, many retail sites conclude the sale with a confirmation page. These log out and/or confirmation pages are basically like leaving your visitors on an empty porch with the door closed behind them. They are going to visit unrelated internet sites now anyway, why not give them some leads.