How to improve conversion rate on your eCommerce site?

Improving Conversion rate is Easy if you Follow the Steps

We all know that the conversion rates of the eCommerce sites often refer to the review of the effectiveness of any eCommerce site; this can be a challenge more often than not! By focussing on the look and feel of your eCommerce site, you can boost the conversion rate and the sales impacted by it. An impressive conversion rate will not only have a profound impact on the sales volume but it can also largely affect the website’s bottom line at quite a minimal expense.

If you are trying to improve the conversion rate on your website, it can often be simpler than it appears. Surprised? Well, we have good reasons to back up our claims. Have a look at the techniques that can help in boosting the conversion rate on your website.

Making the life of the users Simple

Let us begin with something that is actually very simple but still many companies fail to get it right. If your website is difficult to use, you may probably have a lot of visitors but only a few customers. Less and less people will consider making a purchase on your website and this is definitely not going down too well with the future of your business.

You may want to check on the following:

  • Verify whether your website have any accessibility issue
  • See if your website is compatible with all standard browsers and render precisely
  • Find out whether you can rate your own website high in terms of usability

Being clear and honest is important

When you are running out of a particular product, do make it a point to say it in the face (but politely) that the product no longer available rather than hiding information from public. The biggest annoyance comes when your customers have to read everything about the product only before finding out that it is actually out of stock. Be clear and open about pricing, delivery, shipping and other vital information/details. When customers find contradictory claims on the website, they usually refrain from making a purchase and this leads to them bounce back.

Don’t just waste time

You must value the time of your customers as much as they do. ECommerce website owners often commit the mistake of asking for a lot of information, which sometimes becomes annoying to the customers. Don’t waste the time of your customers asking for information not really required at that point of time. Rather encourage them to browse the website and offer them quick assistance, should they feel an urge to contact for help. Since the last thing people have when they are browsing an eCommerce site is patience, value their time.

Asking customers to fill out columns with their email addresses much before they have downloaded a PDF or asking for their contact numbers even before they are filling out an email enquiry form is definitely something that makes less sense.

Make the user trust your service

It is extremely important for the ecommerce site owners to first consider giving the customers every small and big reason to trust the website. Having a website with legitimate verification proofs can make a huge difference and go on to boosting the performance of the website in terms of its sales factor. Trust is a factor that can also be generated by getting rid of poor design and content on the website.

A good ‘contact’ page to show you are always there to help and redress issues as soon as they arise will give your customers a feeling that their concerns are looked after without a delay. These little things always help them in trusting and leveraging your brand.  

Clear and honest returns policy and payment options

You will not only be required to value the time of the customers but also their money. What if they did not like the product or have any issues with it? You must always have a ready solution for this. Users are often impressed with websites that offer a good returns policy, which often gives them a huge relief in terms of their investments.

Make sure to have different payment options and do offer the customers alternative at different stages of payment. Having access to a variety of payment options always helps in making online shopping a less stressful and more fun.

Know your selling point

What makes your brand ‘sell’ in the market? What is your USP? Are you aware? If no, then this is the time to gather relevant information regarding the same. Your USP can be anything – low prices, customer services, unique products, support, free delivery and absolutely anything. Find out what your USP is and do not hesitate to lay out the foundations of your sales on your USP. Let it grow!

Consumer reviews

Adding reviews from the consumers is going to hit it hard on your sales allowing it to grow dramatically. One of the best ways to ensure that the conversion rate is boosted is to ensure that your website has a good number of consumer reviews that should be genuine and logical, in the first place. They not only help in boosting sales but also have an effective and positive impact on the way search engines work.

Conversion rate optimisation often leads to an increase in revenue, utilisation of resources that are already available and that too without letting the expenditures increase. You must also have an eye on how the changes are affecting the number of conversions on your website. In the end, patience is always the key; you can also consider having a look at what the competitors are doing.

You should be observing the users in the real time and analyze the concerns posted by the customers. You can also consider conducting the user surveys to find out what you have been missing out so far. By exploiting user interaction opportunities, you are contributing to converting ‘visitors’ into ‘customers’.