What Features Can Make Your Ecommerce Website More Safe And Secure?

Did you know that six out of ten people in UK regularly shop on ecommerce websites? Ecommerce businesses make billions in profits (which are increasing every year) and are forcing the high street to change. Only a few years ago, everybody was cautious about using card details online. Those days are now over, yet some questions about safety remain.

How You Can make Your Ecommerce Website Safer And More Secure

Even though people are more confident about using their card details online, you still need to reassure them. Your ecommerce website should preserve a few safety tips to reassure customers that their details are safe once used on your page.

  • Choosing an ecommerce platform. For safety reasons, you need to choose a sophisticated, object-orientated ecommerce platform.
  • Use SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is important for doing business on the web. Customers can immediately recognise an SSL website as it will be seen as https://, indicating a secure website.

  • Password protection. The more complex the passwords that are required for your ecommerce website, the safer it becomes. If, after registering, the customer is asked for their name, password and security question, it will take your ecommerce security to the next level, as well as reassure customers of your websites safety.

  • Fraud detection implementation. Fraud unfortunately still happens, so consider fraud management services. It would be naive to think that small companies don’t get attacked.

  • Transparency. Make your privacy policies visible. It is great way to show your customers how your company operates. Also, include contact information so customers can easily contact you if they encounter some problems, or simply want to ask a question.

  • Visual icons. Use visual icons and safety seals. This immediately creates a trustworthy atmosphere on your website.

  • Notify about any changes. If anything significant changes on your website, notify your customers. The more you communicate the changes, the more your customers will trust you.

  • Train your employees. Your employees should be aware of security policies of your ecommerce website and must follow them.

What about your ecommerce page? Do customers find your page secure? Do they entrust you with their credit card details?

One Step Ahead Of Other Ecommerce Websites With Advansys

Whether your business is large or small, you cannot conduct business online without implementing safety and security features.

SEO and CRO will be worthless if customers don’t trust your website and feel doubtful about sharing their personal information. That is we at Advansys provide award-winning ecommerce solutions, implementing security strategies from the start.