How to Use Facebook Ecommerce Solutions to Bolster Online Sales

Facebook ecommerce applications provide great room for creativity in connecting with the customers. The online social media sensation provides an avenue to bolster sales of online ecommerce stores. Facebook ecommerce solutions provide an advanced level of customer engagement and feedback not possible through traditional websites. With the help of Facebook ecommerce solutions, owners of e-stores can obtain feedback from customers, increase customer engagement, and offer exclusive promotional deals that customers can share on their hundreds of online social circles.

There are a number of ways in which Facebook ecommerce solutions can help in bolstering online sales.

1. Provide Exclusive Deals: Facebook e-commerce apps provide an innovative way to promote online promotional deals. When Facebook fans €Like€ a promotional deal, it displays on their Facebook page. This allows hundreds of their online Facebook friends to view that promotional deal. And if these friends share it with their own circle of friends, the deal is further promoted to potentially millions of online users who have a Facebook account.
Online exclusive deals provided by Penguin Books in their Facebook e-store page are the perfect example of how to offer exclusive deals to the customers.

2. Offer Discounted Prices for Facebook Fans: Another way to boost online sales with the Facebook ecommerce apps is to offer discounted prices for Facebook fans. This can be a powerful way to attract online users to the Facebook page. These users will share the Facebook e-store page containing discounted product prices with their own circle of friends, which will boost turnover of the online product.

For example, Natural Body Inc. sells its products in a catalogue-like app and shows original prices for its products along with discounted prices to show customers how much they would be benefitting from purchasing through the Facebook e-store.

3. Influencing through Social Power

This is a simple way to bolster online sales through Facebook e-commerce apps. Most people make their purchase decision based on the popularity of the product. E-store owners can incorporate a €Like€ button next to the products to show how many people liked the item.

For example, Road Runner Sports has added a Like and Tweet counter on its e-store that shows how many people liked or tweeted about the product. The number of likes or tweets of the products can also be prioritized to show the most popular products.

Availing services of ecommerce solution firms will not only help e-store owners complement their websites but also increase their online sales. The professional team of expert website designers at Dallas digital solution company helps clients in integrating Facebook ecommerce solutions for a dynamic way to connect with the customers.