3 Secrets of Ecommerce Marketing to Increase Your Business Traffic

Several retailers who have revolutionized the online shopping arena today have contributed a great deal to eCommerce development and have become a source of inspiration to all the others in the field. If the eCommerce companies can achieve the task of getting the right traffic mix to their website then success is assured to them.

Following are 3 secrets of eCommerce marketing that can put you on the right path:

Publish product videos

Never miss the chance of utilizing this potent tool; product videos can do wonders to your website traffic. A well designed video which depicts the real-life use of your products can convince the visitors of the product’s usefulness and contribute towards converting them into your customers. You can have videos made of practically every product be it in the field of electronics, clothing, beauty-care products, automobiles or whatsoever.

Your product videos can be presented to the visitors through two avenues. First is hosting the video yourself and if you strike the right note in this case, your online store will hit the top rankings for videos in a very short time. The only downside to this option is that your website’s loading speed is slowed down considerably. The second option in this context is to upload your product videos through a third-party platform like Vimeo or YouTube. This will not affect the loading speed of website and besides YouTube’s huge traffic can be leveraged to your products advantage when you have a highly optimized video.

Tap the benefits of content-rich Blog

Content is at the core of search-engine marketing and a highly relevant and informative content can take your website to the much sought top rankings on any search engine. Effective strategies have to be developed to have a content-rich blog which can lure visitors to your website and make them into permanent visitors and loyal customers. The question that arises here is what constitutes a content-rich blog. The blog needs to have value-driven, specifically targeted and top quality content to make the desired difference.

It is essential to weave the usefulness of your brand into a well written blog post and in this regard your customer’s testimonials and feedback will be greatly valued. Their opinion and their reasons for choosing and valuing your brand will provide a wealth of information to you.

Do not miss out on the power of Social Media Sites

Social media sites have to be used to the maximum advantage by the eCommerce website. Instead of utilizing them to generate leads they should be used for engaging with the customer. You can begin a process of continuous interaction with your current customers and simultaneously address all the potential ones.

Genuine concern shown through your social channels will never go in vain. Instant response to a customer comment, complaint or feedback is the key to building a long-term caring relationship between you and your customers.

Traffic volume can be enhanced to your website in another way too. Your website’s fan following becomes one of the considerations for determining the rankings of your website pages. Greater is the customer engagement or fan following greater will be your rankings.


Every online retailer irrespective of his size needs traffic to drive its sales. Several means and avenues can be used by him to achieve the desired objective. Following the above mentioned tips will however put him on the right path of success.