Digital Tools You Need For Your Small Business Ecommerce Business

Running an online ecommerce business may seem as easy as putting up a website and watching the orders come in. Often, there are many tools an ecommerce retailer relies on to make sure the website is attractive to visitors, functions accurately and safely, and provides the customer service that shoppers have come to expect from their favorite online retailers. Here are three tools that you shouldn't run your online retail business without. 

For Design: Web Builder

Having a good design is essential for a successful website. Using a web builder that matches your level of competency can help you create a great looking website without too much effort. The key to a great design is to study what is aesthetically pleasing for your customers and how the design can still function with a well-organized website so customers can find every product they need. 

For Function: Shopping Cart Software

Once your customers have found the products they want, it's time for them to make a purchase. A button for an online payment processor is no longer acceptable for most customers when it comes to safe purchasing. Installing and using online shopping cart software for your retail website is a must. This type of software protects the purchase process from beginning to end. It not only protects the customer, but it also can protect your business by denying fraudulent payment methods and keeping an accurate record of purchases so you know how much your business is earning. 

There are a variety of shopping cart options to choose from, all coming with different levels of security for what you need to best protect your customers. 

For Customer Service: Call Tracking Software

You have a website that is popular and functions well when it comes to making purchases, but nothing is ever without its problems. Sometimes customers will have questions or concerns about their orders. When that happens, they need to have a way to be able to contact you and expect a prompt reply. Call tracking software is the easy answer. 

If you are an online-only business, you may think that you can get by without having a phone number for customers to call. That is a mistake a lot of ecommerce businesses make. If you are relying solely on social media for customer service, you can run into problems where complaints can build up, causing you to react with reputation management strategies. Email is also an option for online-only businesses, but emails can quickly back up and not give the timely response customers expect. 

Because all customers are different in the way they approach issues with retailers, it is important to offer phone, social media, email and even live chat contact options for the best customer service results. 

These are not the only tools available, but they are the tools that your business should not be without. If you put these plans in place before you launch, you'll be able to achieve success with your online retail business.