5 audience-proven eCommerce tips to skyrocket your sales

Once upon a time eCommerce was just about making the sales and getting traffic on your website. But, as people are now more aware than before, eCommerce store owners need to figure out ways to outsmart their competition and add genuine value to their customers.

The online retailers are doing everything by the book but are still facing problems with generating sales. Here are 7 ways which can boost your eCommerce sales in no-time.

1)    Embrace Reviews

Let us face the reality. No matter how great your product is, if customers are not talking about it, you’re doing something wrong.

If there are no reviews on the product page, the visitors will hesitate to order from your website.

Reviews act as a sense of security which can help visitors take impulsive decisions when they find that other people are also using the product.

It is important to keep in mind that not everyone will be happy with your product. Or for some reason, you’ve upset someone. What you do after that will count establish your online reputation.

As an online store owner, you need to embrace those negative reviews. In fact, you can learn a lot from those negative reviews. Figure out the pain of the customer and see how you can value your customers.

You need to use social media platforms to help the angry customers to cool down.


2)    The right payment gateway

A study suggests that 80% of shopping cart abandonment is due to the unfavorable payment gateway.

This might seem like a small part of the eCommerce cycle but the impact it creates is huge. You need to provide customers with the right payment gateway. The more convenience you give to the customer, better will be the chances to make the sale.

Test the payment gateway on every device. Before putting-up, any payment gateway checks out the significance of each payment gateway.

The goal is to cut-down the ordering process by reducing the number of steps in the payment gateway. One-step checkout which is quite popular and gets attention. Guest checkout is also something which can help your visitors to turn into customers.


3)     A Good SEO is important

Before investing in a good SEO company, you need to do some keyword research yourself. You have to figure out what are the core services of your business and what is your area of focus.

You can use tools like Google keyword planner and AHrefs to figure out the perfect keywords for your business. After you have figured out the keywords you can then start with the SEO.

As mentioned earlier you can take services from an SEO agency or you can do the SEO yourself. There are YouTube videos which can teach you to optimize your content with respect to your services.


4)    Establish trust

We’re all familiar with eCommerce brands who have established credibility. The secured checkout, the trust badges. A study suggests that 75% of the shoppers declared that trust logos on the checkout page build a sense of trust for a website.

The same amount of percentage suggested that the same amount of percentage abandoned the page when there is no familiar logo on the page.


5)    Use Google Analytics well

Google Analytics is one of the most underrated tools that the founders ignore. With Analytics founders can harness the power of landing pages, the most searched product, and even understand the psychology of the visitor. Once you know what people are searching for you’ll be able to provide users what they want with fewer clicks.

At times you assume that you know what the customer is looking for, and upon analyzing Google Analytics you realize that your assumption was wrong. Your assumption can be wrong but there is no way that the stats will lie. With Analytics you’ll be able to see what the customers are looking for and you can build your strategy, introduce new products on that data.

This is quite common in the clothing industry. When the brand wants to provide the most lavish clothes, often times they are targeting the wrong market. The segment they’re looking for is not looking for lavish clothes. Google analytics will help you understand this need and fulfill it.


To conclude it all

Starting an eCommerce shop is easy but keeping it running it hard. It is so easy to make a noise in the market. But what is difficult is to make the sales. To make sales and keep the customers coming you’ve to try new things. You have to know what is working for your brand.

Try out these tactics and see what is working and keep doing it. There is no one way to success. You can apply all of these and just few will work, and that is kind of okay.