How Is Magento Product Designer Transforming the Online Retail Industry Game?

Selling online is challenging in a growing eCommerce industry. And when it comes to competing with an industry giant like Amazon, you have to figure out a way to offer something unique on your e-store. Find out how to do that.

You’ve got an eCommerce product store. You’ve got products with pictures and descriptions, the website is SEO checked, it contains great content, and you have launched it. After launching it, you must be anticipating a good amount of traffic and the sales flooding in, right? A few years back, doing so was easy. But today, it has become difficult to survive in the eCommerce industry amongst the giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

According to Business Insider studies, Amazon owns almost all U.S. online retail sales. And big enterprises like Walmart, Apple, and Costco still can’t compete against the e-giant Amazon. So, how do you thrive amongst these companies? In such a scenario, the key is to co-exist. Especially, for the new-fangled eCommerce entrepreneurs who need to make their estore interactive with unique offerings and make their presence felt in the market. We live in a world where people want everything ‘their way’ and they expect the same from businesses. You have to figure out a way to create a fully customized experience to ease the customers’ needs.

In such cases, product designer tool works wonders. And if your store is Magento based, Magento Product designer tool might be a good solution. There are many ways in which customization helps you to give your customers what they want. And when they buy from you with a lot of willingness and favoritism, it is sure to double up your sales. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can make them smile:

Advanced Customizations

When it comes to customizations, it’s not about offering products with a different version of them. How do you ensure to fill in customer specifications such as “I want my iPhone skin cover with a Christmas stocking.” or “A mug with a picture of rainforest?”

The solution is quite simple. Consider integrating a Magento product designer with your website. By doing so, you can enable buyers to create a customized version of your products. And you can keep your product catalog updated with new and unique products all the time which are not available at your competitors’ stores.

Increased Web Traffic & Conversions

You take care of every little aspect when it comes to creating a website. UX & UI, products, and overall website design to ensure the quality. But when customers surf for the buying options, your website may not be their only choice. And it’s a bitter truth which several e-store owners need to digest. For most of the e-store owners, getting high site traffic and converting them into customers remains a tough job.

Product Design Tool can help solve conversion issues. With a Magento Product Designer, your customers are free to craft a product of their own choice. That too, with ease. When they create unique products using a simplistic UI, it creates a good impression of your brand and they are sure to give it more preference over others. If they enjoy the experience, they are likely to share it with their colleagues and friends. This will increase your web traffic and give you conversions.

Interactive Experiences

Customers clearly don’t get satisfied with clichéd and boring products they find on each e-store. I mean, imagine walking into a theatre finding someone wear the replica of t-shirt you are wearing. Or, carrying the exact same bag you’re carrying. The latest survey on Trends in Personalization by Evergage states that 98% of marketers see that personalization helps to take customer relationships at the next level.

If your website has an interactive tool, customers would not only create their own prototype of the product, but also enjoy the experience. And these days, it is all about understanding the buyer’s persona. In case you have migrated to Magento 2 or have a Magento 2 store, you can also find a Magento 2 Product Customizer which will help your customers to craft their ideas on the canvas you provide. Hence, better customer interactions and increasing sales numbers!

Proven Results

You try hard to sell out your products with the giveaways, coupon codes, discounts, and other loyalty programs. But nothing works like an impulse to buy personalized products. It gives a “this is mine” and ownership of one-of-a-kind product feeling. Even without discounts, customers will be customized products that produce results.

A study by Deloitte states that buyers are willing to pay off 20% more for personalized products. Which is why, you need to add value to your store with customized products. Publicize your bestselling products and give away prizes to the customers who have designed them. It will definitely make them happy.

Prepared for the Future?

The eCommerce market graph is going up with each passing day and the demand of personalizing products is growing. If you are a business owner, this is the right time for you to get into the business of customized products. To cope with the competition, plan your strategy well and integrate Magento Product Designer to your eCommerce store.