Best Content Management Ideas For Your E-Commerce Website In 2019

Digital landscape is growing at a breakneck speed today. And, the impact that it has today on every business is unfathomable. When we talk about the e-commerce industry, currently data analytics and emerging technologies have led the online stores to deliver solid customer experience. Online retailers have an opportunity to leverage these new technological trends and boost existing business standards.

Over the years, when organizations and businesses develop strategies, they are the result of studies based on how customers shop and interact with their online store, what they buy and how they respond to technologies employed by businesses. According to Statista, global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021.

Now, in order to reach out to potential customers or bring those customers closer to your business, one needs an asset that provides value. Since the beginning, content has been that asset. Before there was anything else, there was content. Content was and is the basis of what propelled the internet into the most important invention of modern technology.

Content is the primary reason behind internet “search” even began. Today we have PPC and display ads and businesses embarked upon the SEO wild goose chase, but before that  it was just content that used to drive traffic on the web.

In fact, the content has such a stronghold in the market, that even after decades of evolution in modern tech and digital marketing, it is still considered to be the king. Content still drives a major chunk of the web today.

A quality piece of content generated today, stays on the web forever; till eternity. The single most noteworthy aspect about a viral piece of content is that it will keep driving traffic, leads, and sales for years and years to come. This piece of content can and will reach to places unimaginable.

Hence, as a business owner online, one needs to understand that when you create and market relevant content, you start a chain reaction. The amount of information your content has and the number of tremors it creates in the digital world are directly proportional.


Here are some of the best content marketing ideas for you e-commerce store.


Harnessing social media

Online retail giant, Target has its own Finds page, with information about the most popular items their customers have posted to their Instagram Story. Buyers on their online store can see what others are in love with at the moment, and that "Insta" proof goes a long way toward prompting a conversion ‘targeting’ to a few trending and loved products.


User-Made Video Content

GroPro, the action camera giant, has a huge following of self-motivated content creators. On one hand while Target's customers take to Instagram to boast their purchases, GoPro's fans upload some of their coolest action videos on YouTube. These videos are shot from the perspective of GoPro's famous Hero camera by users themselves.

GoPRo engages the users to collaborate and republish their video content to the GoPro YouTube channel and on This is a fantastic content strategy where you engage your customers to shoot videos for you, using your product.


Advanced filtering

Today, leisure appears to be a luxury, consumers want to save every bit of their time and shop up front.

With advanced filtering, your customers can find exactly what they're looking for quickly and easily. It can be even more useful if you are selling a lot of variations of the same types of products with many different options. It is recommended that you tie up with a professional Magento development firm or any such ecommerce development company in order to get the best out of your product filtering element.

Product filters are one of the most important elements to have for your website. Sadly, 42% of major e-commerce sites do not have category-specific filtering types for some of their product verticals.


Newsjack the viral and social Trends

We live in a world where anything and everything can go viral in a matter of seconds. This is a connected world we live in. We live between hashtags and trends, they come and go on a daily basis. By newsjacking, you essentially hijack the news or the current viral trend; you take advantage of what's trending on social media.

There were hundreds of brands and individuals who news-jacked “Gangnam Style” or the “Harlem Shake” when they went viral. Make sure that the trend you pick resonates with your target market.


Buying Guides

Consumer electronics giant, Best Buy came up with a fantastic way to interact with and grasp their customer’s attention. They nurture thier website visitors through "Buying Guides," which allows users to start with a tech tutorial before entering the product's purchase page. This is a sort of education based content which the company provides gradually with calls to action (CTAs) carefully placed throughout each web guide.


An e-commerce website is one of the viable options today to start earning online. And, if you manage to build a successful online store with the help from a professional developer or an e-commerce service provider like a Magento development company, chances are that you will have a strong and steady presence for a prolonged period of time in the market.