Top SEO Tools to Boost Your Magento Store Quickly

Ranking #1 in Google or any other search engine is always great! But how you can manage to do so? No matter how hard you have invested in creating your eCommerce site using Magento 2, along with great user experience and faster navigation, SEO ranking in the search result is a key factor to measure the success of your website!

So how you would you ensure that your Magento online store hits the top in the search engines? Well, luckily there are plenty of SEO tools available that you can get into your online store with the help of a professional Magento Development Company. Alright, but why SEO tools are so much important? The emphasis on the SEO tools is crucial because there are no other ways to plop your eCommerce site at the top in each and every search result page.

Okay, so what all tools available? To be frank, there are plenty of SEO tools available, including free and paid versions. Let’s dig into the SEO tools you can get from Magento 2 providers for your online store in 2019.

SEO Tools - Keyword Analysis

Without keywords, you cannot even think about SEO and thus, we have listed the SEO tools at the top in our list of SEO tools. The tools mentioned here could be a great source of information and data to help you form the SEO strategy.

  • Ubsersuggest

It is a free keyword suggestion tool. It is helping you get a detailed list of keywords based on the different suggest services.

  • Term Explorer

Be it keyword list, gather search volumes, or understanding your competitiveness data, you can do a lot with this amazing keyword research tool.

  • SEMrush

This amazing tool can help you get insights on what your competitors are doing and what all keywords they are using to rank higher. Moreover, you can get more details of keyword volume, which could be a great source for the PPC campaign. However, you may have to spend some money to get such detailed insights!

  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

If you want to know what all keywords are hitting the top in the market, this tool could be a great help for you! With more than 5.6 billion keywords and a precise matrix of a keyword, this tool is must to try for the Magento 2 store owners. You can also get insights on traffic potential of each keyword you are using!

SEO Tools – Rankings

One of the most crucial tasks is to know where you stand in the search result ranking! It gives you a clear picture of whether marketing strategies designed by Magento 2 providers working for your online store or not. You can then decide what all improvements and efforts you need to put in campaigns, increasing ROI and boost up traffic for your eCommerce business.

  • Authority Labs

This paid tool is handy for you in terms of its ability to track and project the success/failure of keywords used in your online store. You can get the daily check of the keywords you wish to monitor and can generate a report on a weekly basis to analyze the findings.

  • Google Search Console

Google brings its own set of tools to help the site owners know and measure the performance of their website. With the help of search traffic and analytics tab, it brings a detailed report on which keywords are helping you rank at so and so position. Moreover, you can target other keywords ranking at a lower position and change the marketing or SEO strategy.

SEO Tools – Technical SEO

It is always crucial to check your back-end and know how a site functions. Any issue in the back-end can lead to a huge fall-back for your website ranking and below mentioned tools can be a great help to avoid the issues and rank higher!

  • WooRank Plugin

This amazing product can help you know what all ways your site is lacking in performing and provide a detailed list of checklist you must carry out to improve the way your site perform for better ranking. It also helps you get insights into the performance of competitor websites.

  • DeepCrawl

If you wish to go for scraping your site, this could be an amazing tool with simple visual information using different graphs and charts. It also helps you with finding the contents, highlighting missing titles, duplicate pages, length of content and more. The list of features offered by this amazing product is endless. You can explore more on how you can utilize DeepCrawl to improve your site ranking.

These are just a few of the SEO tools you can utilize to boost up your Magento 2 site ranking. There are tons of other tools available for content ideas, link building, link removal, and other SEO aspects. Want to know how Magento Development Company can help you boost up your eCommerce site SEO rank? Do you know other SEO tools, which we missed to list down? Hit the comment below or get in touch with us now!