Shoppable Content: Diversity of Content for Consumers & Commerce

Content, Consumers, and Commerce - These are the three key attributes of the digital ecosystem nowadays. 

Everything from marketing, Information-sharing, trends, online selling, social browsing, interactions & engagement all revolves around these attributes. 

Social media is not just restricted to communication and browsing anymore. It has evolved into a combination of online selling and social browsing & sharing. 

Consumers have been given a link between social content and online commerce to escalate their user experience.

This merger has given birth to a new term called “ Shoppable content

What is Shoppable Content?

Any form of content that has the option of directly buying the product shown in that content from the post itself is shoppable content. 

Shoppable content is an amazing way to shorten the consumer’s buying journey to make it faster, easier, and reliable. The products displayed in the posts can be tagged with the shoppability feature to allow the users to make the purchase in real-time through the content.

Shoppable content enhance the consumer experience remarkably and helps the eCommerce in driving engagement and conversions through the content. 

Shoppable content provides users with a shorter buying journey, authentic & trustworthy product information, real-time shopping, reliable content, detailed product information, visual delight, real-life utility through UGC, and instant shopping feature. 

But what type of content can be the shoppable content? 

Content has various different forms and all of them can be converted into shoppable content. 


We have listed down 7 types of shoppable content. 

  1. Shoppable Images

Shoppable images are probably the most famous and most used form of shoppable content out there. Images with products displayed in it actively or passively that have options to buy them instantly. 

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are prime players of shoppable images in the social media spectrum. 

These social media platforms are visually aesthetic and integrating shopping to the images helps in driving the engagement further with increased conversion possibilities. 

Consumers are psychologically influenced by attractive images and it affects their sentiments. Beautiful expressive images could lead to a positive buying intention in the consumer’s mind.


  1. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are another impactful and a growing phenomenon in the shoppable content arena. Videos are embedded with the shopping option for products showcased in the video. 

Videos are the most expressive, interactive, and engaging form of content available. And around 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. 

Video content is so popular due to its ability to connect with the customer through storytelling, showcasing emotions, and actual description that keeps the viewer intact.

Adding shoppability to video content allows the users to buy the products during the video and even the products can be highlighted as announcements for better engagement. 


  1. Shoppable text

Text is moving out of the picture with growing visual influence but it is still effective and has a loyal massive audience. 

Text content is an excellent hook to get someone to look into your products and business. The content marketing strategy should have some key phrases that assist the visual & product displayed.

Like Net-a-porter uses a content phrase like “Get the Look” text along with the posts & products. This helps in getting the instant advantage of a consumer’s interest.


  1. Shoppable Digital Magazine

Magazines have been a huge influence in showcasing the best trends around the world. Digital magazines especially have been in trend with the rise of eCommerce.


Sending a weekly digital magazine through apps, emails, or messages is an exemplary way to send personalized content and experience to the consumers catering to their needs. 

Also, selling products through the magazine using shoppability accompanied by UGC and FGC with personalized content and promotions. 


  1. Social Media

Social browsing and online shopping have merged in recent times and this has set the foundation for social media shopping. Social media is the biggest hub of consumers and brands at a single place. 

Instagram has shoppable posts, Pinterest has buyable pins, Snapchat’s shopping options are some prime examples of topmost social media networks using shoppable content.

Embedding shoppable content with the platform allows social networks to attract the audience, drive engagement, and increase their user base.  Also, gain monetary benefits from brands through promotions. 


  1. Blog Posts

Blog posts and articles are a great way to subtly promote your brand and sell products combined with information-sharing. Interesting blogs and articles with trending topics can generate a massive audience.

What blogs and articles do is that you can talk about a product and brand and then put the shoppable plug supporting that.

Users will feel motivated as their reading experience will be intact and uninterrupted but they will have a chance to buy the products.


  1. Quiz, Contest, and Reviews

Quizzes, contests, and reviews are extremely beneficial in selling the products. These can help in reaching to personalized product recommendations to consumers.

Quiz and contests can be used to gain more knowledge about the consumer that will then allow the brand to make more targeted recommendations that will be of consumers’ interests. 

And it will increase the chance of purchase and conversion. Reviews similarly help in consumers buying decisions and it can be tagged with products they are reviewing that will lead to more sales. 



The aim of shoppable content is to deliver a superior user experience and this combination of content, consumers, and commerce has brought a revolution in the digital ecosphere. 

These various forms of content can help in reaching a vast audience with maximum touchpoints. 

Shoppable content is a resourceful addition to any content marketing strategy as it is highly interactive, engaging, attractive, creative, and informational.

Based on your goals and strategies, you can choose the best possible option of shoppable content for your business or even a mix of various forms. It will help you achieve better conversions and higher revenue.