Best Practices For Optimizing Landing Pages to Boost Conversions

A landing page is considered the most important thing and the most effective way to drive traffic to boost conversions on your eCommerce development website. In order to drive high-traffic to your eCommerce site, you need to create high-performing landing pages to convert a high percentage of online visitors into customers to boost conversion rates in the most effective way.

The more you optimize the landing pages the more you get leads so, optimizing the landing pages is the best practice to increase traffic and convert online visitors into real customers. You can create high-performing landing pages according to your customer’s needs and business requirements by which you can drive more attention to them so they don’t miss out on anything and lose interest in you. So, it is very necessary to understand your audience what exactly they like before you start creating a landing page. Looking to optimize the landing page to drive traffic, boost conversions, and scale your business to a new level of success?

Here in this article, we will tell you about the best practices for creating and optimizing the high-performing landing pages to increase traffic to boost conversions of your website more effectively.


Create a Simple Form

A form is the most important step in optimizing the landing page, so we will suggest you create a separate form for both mobiles and desktops. That’s because you have to adjust the elements and buttons for using the same form for mobile as for the desktops. It becomes quite difficult to adjust the same form perfectly for all devices as many forms have lots of additional fields and dropdown boxes so, it may cause problems for customers while filling up the information using their mobile devices which results in reducing leads on your landing page.

We suggest you create a form as simple as possible so it won’t be difficult for customers to fill up their information. You need to make it easier as you can to boost conversions on your landing pages more effectively.


Use Minimum Text to Your Landing Page

A landing page is the most important aspect of any website which lets visitors know about your website more effectively. Most people use long texts on their landing page considering that it will help customers easily to know information about their website. That’s not the perfect way to create a high-performing landing page as customers don’t have time to read longer and it may cause them to leave your website.

It matters most to use the most relevant information about your website to your landing page so that each visitor that comes to a landing page can easily find and understand what exactly is it about. If you use too much text or content on your landing page, it will make your visitors difficult to decide if it is relevant to them or not, and they will leave your website.

So, in order to get high-traffic and more conversions on your landing page, we suggest you lessen the text and to use only specific information that is easy to find and understand for your online visitors and customers.


Simplify Your Landing Page

The most effective landing pages are those which have the power to draw your visitors’ attention immediately when they click on it and see all the relevant information including various products, price, images, colours, and Call-to-action button to encourage them for purchasing the products without any thinking. Once you see that your landing page is addressing such requirements further you need to simplify your landing page. Your landing page should be clear from all types of distractions and only targeted to a goal so that it could be convenient for visitors to find the information they have been looking for. This way, you can help online visitors easily find the information and encourage them to make a purchase to boost conversions on your landing page effectively.


Use Infographics

Now you will be surprised how visitors can know about your business if you can’t use more extra text to your landing page. Your answer is infographics. You can use infographics to your landing page that will help you to make your landing page available with texts, icons, images, visuals, and data visualization to give a lot of information quickly and effectively. Infographic is a type of graphics that helps you display texts, images, icons, visuals and everything you need from processes start to finish on your website. Infographics are the most appealing aspects of any landing page that helps customers or online visitors to find everything they need through an eye-catching data visualization which encourages them to make a purchase to boost conversion rates on your landing page. You can surely convert online visitors into customers by using infographics to your landing page as they are easy to read and understand at any level of the audience to generate a lead and boost conversions.


Add Videos

It is experienced that more than 80% of eCommerce stores are using online videos for displaying and marketing their products better way. Video is becoming more important when it comes to online shopping. It helps customers know products better by playing the product video and ensure them that this is the right one they have been looking for.

You can use video to guide about a product, explain the process, how-to-use, and many more to help customers to make a purchase. You can customize the video according to your requirements and use it for your potential customers to give them a better impression. By adding videos on your landing pages, you can drive more customers to increase traffic and boost conversions more effectively.


Use of Clear “Call-To-Action” Button

Every landing page is generally made with a specific purpose to fulfill some of your business requirements and customers' expectations. So that it could make them clear about the purpose of a landing page to know what exactly it is about so they can take the next step accordingly.

There are several reasons for creating a landing page for your website including to drive traffic to your website to boost conversions, redirecting online visitors to make a purchase directly from your landing page, to subscribe the newsletter, to see what’s trending now, or to know about various offers and promotions. Based on the purpose of your landing page, you should use the most appealing Call-to-Action to drive customers’ attention instantly. But it should not be like forcing customers to “buy now” instead of using get-a-free-gift, try-out, buy-one-get-one-free, and all.

This way you can surely be able to convert online visitors into customers to boost conversion on your landing page more effectively.


Optimize Your Landing Page for Search engines

In order to achieve a high percentage of online visitors to drive more traffic on your landing page, we suggest you optimize for better search engines. You can do keywords research for targeting the valuable keyword that helps them to display at the top of search engine page results. Most relevant and targeted keywords help you attract more customers to drive traffic to your landing page when customers type or search for the relevant keywords in Google search engines. This way you can drive high traffic to your landing page with search engine optimization and convert leads into the real purchase.


Contrasting Colours

Colours are one of the most important significant factors involved in creating the best look and feel landing page of any website. It is experienced that most people choose colours according to their company logo or brand. They are completely connected with your emotions and can be a great impact on your customers if you use the right colour combination to drive their attention immediately to take the next action.

You can create an eye-catching Call-to-Action button or use colour gradients to make it more stylish to drive customers' attention to make their purchase decision instantly. We suggest you use the best colour combinations according to your brand name that perfectly targets the audience to boost conversions efficiently.


Use Testimonials to Build Trust on Customers

Testimonials are the most trusted people who believe in your products and services. They are the people who have used your products and shared their own reviews and opinions about how satisfied they are with your products and services. So, this is the perfect way to convince new customers to build trust in them by displaying the testimonials to your landing page. From where they can review their opinions and take the next action to make a purchase immediately without wasting their time and effort. Which in results, increases the traffic and helps you convert leads into real purchase to boost conversions on your landing page in the most appealing way.


Final Word

Thus, it takes a lot of exercise and determination while creating a high-performing landing page. Use infographics, testimonials, and visuals instead of using too many texts and removing elements that cause your customers to leave from your website.

You can use a clear call-to-action button with the proper color combination that perfectly best fit according to your brand name and customers' expectations of your landing page. By following the best practices, you can create high-converting landing pages and optimize them to drive traffic to boost conversions.