Proven Ecommerce Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Online Sales

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Online Sales

Great! You have started your own eCommerce business. Getting an Ecommerce website and selling products online through it has been months or a few years. However, you aren’t getting the revenue or profit earning you dreamt of at the time of starting an online store.

You start looking for Ecommerce marketing strategies that can help you boost your online sales. In your search, you can come across several tactics that could or couldn’t help you. Here are some practical and proven strategies that will definitely assist you to boost your online sales:


Generate traffic to your eCommerce website 

An eCommerce business is reliable through only its website. And so, it is the first and foremost step for you to generate huge traffic to your Ecommerce site. Other techniques or strategies will work when you have a visitor base to your website. And for generating traffic to your eCommerce site, you need to optimize it for search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and relevant others).

According to Raul Galeria, 30.5% of all Ecommerce traffic comes from Search Engine Optimization. And when it comes to social media optimization, you must value Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Create a sense of urgency

In your Ecommerce business, you must be transparent on who you are and what you do. At the same time, you should create an urgency for the products you are selling online. For this, you can show your stock levels, disclose how many products you have sold in a day, sell limited edition products, and expose the number of people interested in buying a particular product.

For example, use Tobacco Pipes, the seller clearly displays when a cigar or tobacco pipe gets Out of Stock and how many products are left in the stock.

This will save time of user and improve conversion of the website. Make sure you have all required information of the products on your website.


Improve your conversion rate 

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who visit an Ecommerce site and end their visit with a purchase from that website. Usually, it is anywhere from 1 to 3% and you can improve this. To improve your conversion rate, you need to place larger images of your products on the website. It is, as a study of Visual Website Optimizer suggests that larger images increase Ecommerce sales up to 9%.   

Further, you need to use user generated content like pictures taken by buyers and reviews of your customers. Encourage your customers to give their feedback and display the received feedback below a particular product on your website. Organic photos and reviews can help you enhance your conversion rate by 26%.

For example: You can review the website added customer review and rating option on their website for buyers.


Similarly you have to add write a review option on your product pages so that user and give feedback of your product. There are multiple ways to enhance product review on your website. Here you can find useful tips.

Furthermore, you can start a blog and show relevant products under a product via interlinking. In the blog, you can guide your existing as well probable customers on how to buy and use a particular product. You can also give instructions on how to take care of a specific item that customers have brought from your store.


Secure your website 

No one loves to shop from an Ecommerce website that looks untrustworthy and sketchy. You need to secure your Ecommerce site and make it trustworthy for your customers. Show that you value the cybersecurity of your shoppers and disclose how important their privacy and security is for you. To disclose your trustworthiness, you can show the trust badges you are using. You need to add SSL certificate on your website and secure your payment getaways so that user can make transfer without any security issue.


Opt for paid ads on search engines and social platforms 

In the initial days, it is hard to fetch organic traffic through search engines and social media due to lack of a strong presence on the same. With paid ads such as PPC, you can drive the attention of people searching for the products you sell online. Your Ecommerce site or products are visible when people make searches for the same. By clicking on the same, they visit your Ecommerce site and make a purchase when they find the product suitable for them by going through your product descriptions.


Offer excellent customer care service 

In the contemporary world, people want to get their queries solved soon. You need to respond quickly to the queries of your customers whether they want to know the details, delivery time, and other relevant information of a product that you sell through your website. For an instant reply, you can automate your communication with your purchasers via chatbot, automated emails, and recorded calls. After that, you can offer complete details.


Use other means to market your business 

Apart from SEO, SMO, and paid ads, you should market your Ecommerce site and products using other means such as Email and SMS marketing techniques. By sending appropriate emails and short messages, you can inform your customers about the sales or promotions that are going on your Ecommerce site. Further, you can remind them about their left cart and upcoming promotions and discounts.



Ecommerce marketing strategies are numerous when you start looking for the same. The tips mentioned above are the one that you can apply for increasing your Ecommerce sale. With the careful and constant implementation of the above-mentioned tricks, you will be closer to what you expect in terms of revenue and sales.