Tips for Effective E-Commerce Web Design

8 Tips For eye-catching advantageous E-commerce Website Design

Do you know that 40% of worldwide internet users have bought products/goods online from an e-commerce business or e-commerce store?

Web design plays a vital role in creating a successful e-commerce site. An eCommerce website provides enormous opportunities to build your brand, connect with more customers, and sell more products but only if you have the right website design. In fact, the best product in the world can easily be noticed if your website has an attractive design.

No matter you are developing a website for the first time or you want to update your existing site. Your website design must so good and it should have the power to force your visitor to take action and buy your products.


But how, exactly, do you do that?

There are the most effective e-commerce web design tips of e-commerce website development solutions
that you could implement to start seeing more conversions in a short time.


Keep the design so simple

As per eCommerce website designing, if you want to drive more sales your web design should be as simple as possible. For this, you will require to remove all distracting links, banners, images, and buttons appearing in the product search, especially in the checkout.

Moreover, avoid complicated animations, lengthy content, and ambiguous terminology as much as possible. By developing a webpage with an incredibly simple design you can easily turn your web visitors into customers to drive more sales.


Use eye-catching images

Having professional images of your product from multiple different angles build confidence and trust in your customers. A recent study showed that more relevant images into a website design increased conversions by over 40%. When your potential customers feel confident about a product that they are going to buy, they definitely make a purchase.

 On the contrary, if they find no images or blurry images, they'll perceive it as a cheap product and they feel more hesitant to make the purchase. So, while creating your e-commerce web design ensure to use high-defined product images to maximize the conversion rate.


Add testimonial and reviews

According to a recent survey-based statistic, more than 59% of online shoppers read reviews before purchasing any product. You can also take advantage of lead generation by adding the following sections:

  • Add a rating section where people can rate your products
  • Add a testimonials section where you feature customer to give a great experience they had working with you
  • Ask customers to review your products—and what they like about them


Make Product Categories Easy To Navigate

Don’t forget the navigation menu; it is crucial for your e-commerce website. Make sure it is well organized so that the customers can use it with ease. It should appear either horizontally at the top of the website or vertically on the left side, across all the pages.

Most importantly, while making website design; don’t load up too many menu categories that will confuse the consumer. For a lot of different categories and pages on your website use drop-down menu to more effectively organize.


Add Shopping Cart

Ecommerce website development company suggests adding a shopping cart on your e-commerce website. A shopping cart icon can improve your conversion rates, so make sure it is visible in all the pages. Choose a recognizable icon that stands out and is easy to find. So you need to assure them that your site is a reputable site that protects the security of your customers. It is important for your site to get a trusted certificate and an updated SSL certificate to own the trust of your customers so that you can offer better shopping security.


Keep the User in Mind

All the components of your website could potentially contribute to influencing users to purchase your offered products and services. So it is crucial to keep an eye on every component of your website. Good user experience is crucial to turning visitors into customers and turning customers into repeat customers.

If you missed a great option to offer easy navigational, visual appeal, and to enhance the overall experience of visitors, don’t worry website design and development in India will solve this issue by making an effective e-commerce website design.


Make your website design mobile responsive

If you want to capture the customers who want to shop on their phones or tablets, you need to make sure your website design is fully responsive. For this, you need to optimize your e-commerce website and optimize all the images display well on different devices and operating systems. Otherwise, you might lose valuable mobile visitors.


Make the Checkout process simple

A simple checkout process can be advantageous for you if it does not have too much or unnecessary information. Once a website visitor decides to buy something, they should find it easy to complete the purchase. Each additional step in the checkout process will increase the chances of them abandoning the transaction. In fact, 30% of consumers said they discarded a shopping cart during checkout because the process was too long and complicated. So, make the checkout process as much as simple.


Website design is easy, but when it comes to E-commerce portals it can be a little tricky—but now with the above-mentioned E-Commerce website design tips and with some help from reputed eCommerce development services makes your e-commerce website simple and effective.

So what are you waiting for? Use these tips to give your online shopping services more effective.