5 Ways to Drive Customer Engagement on Google for Your Ecommerce Business

Whether you are trying to build an online presence around a specific product or business plan or trying to build a business off of a successful online presence, ecommerce can help you. Offering goods online is a popular business model that allows owners to reach customer bases far outside their physical company locations. Even services like tech support or counseling can be part of this online commerce world. In addition to being a useful search engine, Google provides you with business-related pages that you might use to increase traffic. Here are five ways you can use Google for greater customer engagement. You can post updates and offers using a Google My Business page, include special features, list perks, encourage reviews, and integrate your business into a central dashboard. These steps will help you optimize your use of google to boost your ecommerce business.

Post Updates and Offers

The most important method of engaging customers is to post frequent updates and offers. Your customers need to know what you are selling, and google can help you connect with new leads. Any relevant contact information you have on hand should always be current on your website and on business listing sites. In addition, you can improve your Google My Business page by posting future expansions on products and services or special promotions you are planning to run. Any of these things can help you drive new sales or encourage customers to visit your digital pages and physical locations.

Include Special Features

Another way to optimize your google presence is by including special features. Online customers like their experiences to be as smooth and as simple as possible. How you design your pages can have a great impact on both consumer engagement and the likelihood that you’ll get repeat business. Consider adding buttons that allow viewers to see a complete list of products. If you are a service-oriented business, you can add ways for people to make bookings or reservations in advance easily.

List Your Perks

Most businesses will start with a little background, some information on basic good or services they offer, and a few photos to spice up their pages. However, you can get started with some Google My Business optimization simply by pointing out things that your competitors might not think to discuss. Is your company compliant with ADA regulations regarding web design, or do you provide particular guarantees with shipping and bulk purchases? These things are small, but this is just the beginning of optimizing your online presence. By making a point of being inclusive to those with visual or other disabilities or drawing attention to unique offerings, you can reach a larger audience organically. In addition, perks such as accessibility, ease of use, and priority shipping will always be applicable and useful to customers, meaning that the benefits they bring your business won’t disappear when Google’s algorithm changes.

Encourage Reviews

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to drive customer engagement. And one of the best ways to approximate word of mouth online is through online reviews. One of the big benefits of using Google’s business tools is that it makes it easy to invite customers to review your business. Consumers tend to trust each other more than they will trust a business they don’t know. Reviews can help potential clients become actual ones, but they can also improve your ranking with Google. And again, even if Google changes how it’s algorithm ranks your page, reviews will still always be able to send people to your business, whether they are from a business listing on Google Maps, on a facebook page, or directly on your website. You can send electronic receipts with links to a review page every time you provide great service.

Integrate Your Business

If you are a business owner or manager who needs to stay on top of multiple locations or groups, you can integrate each Google My Business page into a central dashboard. This step can help you identify themes your customers are following, respond to multiple reviews, and save time in the long run. Running analytics can help you determine where your business is most effective at meeting consumer needs.

Doing business online puts you in a competitive market with entrepreneurs from all over the world. However, it can also be an interesting and lucrative way to earn your living. Online consumers are bombarded with choices from various avenues. Keeping your customers engaged actively is a central key to your success. Don’t forget to fill out your entire Google My Business profile to give you the best chance of improving your search ranking.