A Guide to the Upcoming Ecommerce Shopping Trends Of 2021

Ecommerce landscape is booming at a steady pace. From 2018 to 2019, ecommerce sales have outdone 3.5 trillion U.S dollars worldwide. The sale factor is rising with the speed of light and there is no sign of going back. The rapid tech evolution to meet the increasing demands of consumers is the major reason behind the rising surge in the ecommerce industry. Not keeping up with the latest ecommerce shopping trends, means your business is at a high risk of getting drastically behind your competitors.

To give you a clear picture of how ecommerce sales are elevating, take a look at the below graph.

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/379046/worldwide-retail-e-commerce-sales/

Ecommerce Shopping Trends for 2021

As a retail business owner, you must be aware of and implement the latest ecommerce shopping trends to survive and keep your brand moving forward.

1.     AR and VR will be on Rising

You must be familiar with two breakthrough technologies that are AR (artificial intelligence) and VR (Virtual Intelligence). These technologies have revolutionized so many industries and online ecommerce sector is no exception. One of the weaknesses of online stores is the inability to allow customers to see and touch the products. This drawback is the major reason some customers feel uncomfortable to do online shopping. With AR/VR technologies, companies are tackling the issues that are creating a gap between customers and online brands. Augmented reality allows the customers to see and touch the products in the real world and help them make a decision. Thus, the use of AR/VR will be on the top of the ecommerce shopping trends in 2021.

2.  AI Will Be the New Normal

Artificial intelligence is transforming the ecommerce sector astonishingly. Some most common examples of AI in the ecommerce sector include visual search, personalized product recommendations, visual search, etc. These features help the businesses to deliver a delightful customer experience and boost their conversion rates. Besides helping the businesses to take meaningful decision based on its powerful algorithm, AI is accountable to generate the 35% of total ecommerce revenues. According to the study by Business Insider, catboats will be accountable to manage around 85% of customer interactions.

3. Multichannel Selling

Omni channel shopping is listed in the hottest ecommerce shopping trends for several good reasons. The use of multichannel is giving rise the ecommerce brands to drive more sales and generate high revenues. Customers choose a shopping platform as per their preferences and distinct needs. Not upgrading your brand with multichannel selling, means you are missing out a lot of sales that you could achieve by doing so. Today, ecommerce shopping is not limited to be done with a particular channel as people can do shopping with Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and several other shopping platforms.  

4.  Social Ecommerce

The social ecommerce trend is something you can’t miss to incorporate in your brand for getting the high benefits from your retail business. Customers these days want to get an integrated experience on social media platforms that give them the chance to avail the best deals. With the increasing usage of online ads on various social media platforms, shoppers are now getting more awareness about any new product or offer and they can easily reach on the link to buy the desired products. So, in 2021, social ecommerce will be the most dominating ecommerce shopping trend that will significantly contribute to successful ecommerce development.

5.     Mobile Shopping will dominate

In today’s smartphone dominated era, mobile devices are flooding in the market and leading the increased number of mobile users. Mobile phones not only help the customers to shop online but also explore the products before ordering them. What’s more, shoppers are more comfortable to shop online using their smartphones. Therefore, 2021 will also see a surge in mobile shopping. A study has found that mobile shopping will be accountable to generate 15% more sales by the end of 2021. Additionally, a report from Statista shows that mobile ecommerce sales in the United States will be 338bn USD in 2020. Seeing such statistics, nothing is wrong in saying that mobile shopping is the future of the ecommerce industry. The rapid advancements of the online shopping market have led the customers, retailers, and manufacturers to break the barrier among one another extraordinarily.

Ready to Incorporate the Latest Ecommerce Shopping Trends?

With more and more customers getting comfortable shopping online, the ecommerce industry is climbing to the ladder of success. Whether you have just started a small retail business or already running an established ecommerce brand, it’s critical to observe the above-listed ecommerce shopping trends. Doing so assures the survival of your brand in today’s fiercely competitive market and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Good luck!