9 Overlooked Steps for Holiday Season e-Store Success

The holiday season is typically a good time to be an ecommerce store owner and, despite the madness of 2020, this year is actually set to be not too different from previous ones. In fact, it’s reasonable to expect an uptick in demand as more people opt for online shopping over in-person shopping.

This is, of course, an exciting prospect for anyone with an ecommerce business, and rightly so. But as you look to run cyber week discounts, and keep demand strong throughout December, it can be easy for basic steps (like quality control and optimization) to fall by the wayside. An important note is to ensure that these steps are also applied to the mobile version of your website, as more than half of the time spent on retail websites is through mobile.

It can also be tempting to put too much stock into paid ads, without adequately nurturing your existing audience via free (or almost free) channels.

But don’t worry – in the infographic below, Website Builder Expert have outlined a step-by-step approach to discounting the right way this holiday season. There’s also a Black Friday ‘dos and don’ts’ checklist, plus some tips on how to ‘stress test’ your website to make sure it can handle a surge in traffic (and what to do if it can’t)