12 B2B Lead Generation Strategies the Actually Work

You should carefully think about your B2B lead generation strategy because it is the only way you can produce quality leads. If you want your company to grow, you should establish a strong pipeline. Here are 12 B2B lead generation strategies that you should adapt. They have been tested in real-life situations and they are backed by top marketers.

Use Social Media Marketing

You can refine your lead generation by including social media in your B2B marketing strategies.

SMM will enable you to adapt a targeted approach. Marketers who have been using a variety of social media channels are growing in numbers. 62% of them believe that social media platforms can deliver the leads that will increase their sales. They know they can have a better engagement with their potential customers via social media networks.

Direct Social Media Visitors to Your Website

If you direct your social media visitors to your website, you can easily turn them into qualified leads. But be sure that your content is relevant to their needs. In this regard, it will also be worth your money if you will invest in social media ads. This will drive more prospective customers to your website. Be sure to update your contents so that they will always be fresh.

You may not inspire each visitor to go to your website. But those who do will surely be interested in what you have to offer. That’s much better because while their numbers are small, they really have the interest.

Allow Newsletter Signups on Your Facebook Page

You should take advantage of the signup feature that Facebook offers its users. You are allowed to create a separate public page or newsletter page so that your business will have a presence on its platform.

You can use this opportunity to catch the interest and get subscribers who like the things they see. It should be enough to influence them to sign up for your newsletter or a subscription. The Benchmark feature on Facebook offers a signup form app that you can add to your Facebook page. There are instructions on Facebook on how you can do this.

Use the Call to Action

You should never forget to sprinkle your CTA in strategic parts of your content, in your social media networks, and on your landing pages. This is the only way you can move your target audience to do what you want them to do. A CTA at the end of your content is your final call that will convince your subscribers or users to take action.

You need to be specific in what you want them to do because B2B customers are very difficult to convince. Keep your CTAs short and directly connected to your product or services, or whatever you are offering. If you can build the urgency, they will act swiftly.

Use LinkedIn

The best social media platform that you can use is LinkedIn. It is ranked the highest of all the social media platforms today. That means it is way ahead as far as B2B marketing is concerned compared to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Pinterest. In terms of percentage, 83% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn.

Compare that number to 80 percent for both Facebook and Twitter, 39 percent for Google, and just 20 percent for Pinterest. In other words, the most effective social media platform, according to B2B marketers, is LinkedIn.

Use Content Marketing

You will never succeed in B2B marketing if you will not use content marketing. It is the past, the present and the future of all types of marketing. Admittedly, it takes work and it is not cheap.

But it will really catch the interest of your target audience – if your contents are always fresh and relevant to the needs of your audience.

Host a Webinar

Hosting a webinar that is focused on a topic that interests a majority of your audience is another way to attract qualified business owners. But be reminded that webinars are not for direct selling purposes. They should be focused on the presentation of information that will help your audience. Be sure that it is about things that are in their interests.


Create a Partner Program

Another great way to generate more leads and create further partnerships is to create a partner program to entice fellow businesses to embark on long-lasting mutually beneficial business relationships that can bring in revenue for both parties.

Publish Research Reports

Business owners know that they need to base their decisions on verified information. You can satisfy their needs if you will publish research reports that affect their businesses. Search for these search reports online and then publish them on your website or social media networks.

Use Videos

Video marketing statistics reveal that video content is the best tool that everyone can use to sell anything. Videos have the greatest appeal to all kinds of customers, especially businessmen who are always busy making money. Use videos and get more qualified leads in a short time.


Blogging is the best way to produce content that will attract business owners. Learn how to create interesting blogs that catch attention. Captivating blogs will also improve your search engine ranking.

Use Email Marketing

You need to incorporate B2B email marketing in your marketing strategy. It will enhance the engagement of your customers. Increase the engagement of your audience and you will increase the numbers of your qualified leads. Statistics show that 72 percent of B2B buyers are willing to share useful content through their emails.


These B2B lead generation strategies have been tried and tested by marketers everywhere. Put these twelve strategies to test and see the positive results for yourself. In due time, you can expect a considerable buildup of your qualified leads.