5 Strategies to Create Product Pages That Converts

The product pages of your website are the gateway to the sale made in your business. This particular platform holds the highest probability of converting your customers into loyal buyers on your website.

Catch a glance at the below stats on the increase in the sale from the past decades or say customers preferring online shopping as their first choice.


Take leverage of the large audience available online through the right strategy of presenting your product on the product page.

You need to make significant changes on your product page and insist people indirectly to buy what you want them to buy.

Product quality and price are not the only parameters that the customers consider while purchasing from any platform. Several other factors affect their judgment on your product page.

To acknowledge you about the same, we have curated a list of factors that can significantly boost the conversion rates on your product pages of the website.

Product Images

It is the first thing that the user gets lures to and is one of the reasons behind landing on a product page.

Around 92.6% of the public conversion rate gets affected by product images.

  • With such a large number on the plate, don’t hesitate to invest in proper lighting, mirrors, or white paper, to splash light onto the product from all angles. These things are a one-time investment that can put life to the several product pages on your website.
  • Be it the lighting setting or the contrast; make sure that you post a top-quality picture.

The below stats can further clarify the importance of clear product images on a product page.


  • Do not use any filters on the product image so that the customer can get a true idea about what their product looks like.
  • Do add the option of zoom in so that the buyer can have a closer look at the product.
  • At last, do optimize images on your product pages so that the page speed and SEO work efficiently.

Product Description

You can help the visitor get an idea of how their life can become better with the product as they read the pinpoint descriptions.

Do not use any stock descriptions provided by the manufacturer and be descriptive while listing your product. Create original descriptions for your product that not only convinces the shoppers easily but is also a great factor responsible for the SEO ranking process.


The features of the product described above are listed in bullet point format so that the customer can read it easily. Make it as simple as possible and try to curate a plan with informational content that leaves the user satisfied in every way about the product.

Call To Action Buttons!

Remember that the CTA buttons are your sale buttons that need to be displayed in a bright color like Red or Green just below or to the right of the product's image so that the user can quickly take action on the same.


It is noticed that the CTA buttons with the eye-catchy color have 45% more chances of getting clicked than the usual ones. Color psychology plays a great role while deciding the color of your CTA button as it evokes perceptions and emotion in a person.

Do not make the user hustle to search for a checkout button while they shop as it can make them lose their interest in the same. Make sure that your “Proceed to checkout” or “Add to cart” buttons are clear and concise on all the product pages on your website.

More clicks can be encouraged on your CTA button by showcasing a sense of urgency like “buy now” or “low stock” alert.

Product Reviews

According to a study by Speigel, 95% of customers read the reviews of the product purchased by other customers before making a purchase.

To show transparency in your offerings and generate confidence in your buyers' mind towards your brand, showing reviews on your product pages helps the user make a satisfactory decision. If your product page is loaded with positive and recommendable reviews, be ready to welcome more sales on the same page.

Collect genuine and original reviews from your real-time customer, start by sending personalized emails to them to rate, and review the product purchased from you on your website. To leave them to do so, you can also offer a discount or a giveaway to them.

In many cases, apps use automatic pop-ups asking their customers to review, which gets the work done instantly and reduces the effort of sending personalized emails afterward.


The above stats also showcase how product review on any product page is directly linked to increasing organic traffic on your website. So stick to it to enhance sale in your business.

Product Recommendations

Based on the browsing history of your customers, you can send personalized emails to them with a curated list of products that they might like. You can forward them the products that can complement the ones that they shopped recently or some recent launch in the market.

This activity enhances engagement on your product page and helps the customers shop for the product of their choice.

Amazon sales increased by almost 35% and 75% of that of Netflix just by recommending products to their potential customers.

With these points, you will be ready to offer a platform to your audience that will make the “add to cart” button irresistible to them. With all the important factors on hand, start your journey to offer a captivating product page.