What Is Amazon Brand Registry, And How It Works? Ultimate Guide

Amazon is serving sellers and buyers across the globe. It offers things of value to more than 200 million people across the globe. The world has become a global village without any exaggeration, and Amazon is simply making the best of it. It offers a range of benefits to sellers as well as buyers. A seller can make money with ease, while a buyer can save some bucks on every single item bought through Amazon. Though Amazon FBA is a wonderful option when it comes to enhancing sales but still, a lot of other elements have their due role to play when it comes to selling. The product listings for examples need to be updated regularly besides being organized to make good use of them. Amazon registry works right with the product listings. If you decide to register your brand you will surely enjoy the Amazon brand registry benefits in the long run.

The benefits are limitless when it comes to product listings updating and management. It provides complete control over the proceedings and lets even a small brand flourish like a real-time brand.

What Is Amazon Brand Registry Program?

Amazon brand registry program is aimed to help brand owners registering their brand with Amazon. It allows access to enhanced marketing features while providing complete control over brand management at the same time. It assists entities in having a great brand experience on the platform. It helps protect the copyrights of all different trademarks of a business. It is just a one-time process that is executed at the seller central. A seller registers its brand for all the good reasons.

Apparently, it is easier to register, but still, it requires following a pertinent process. One can get a little wayward if things are not tackled appropriately. This is where Olifant Digital is helping people in having a great experience with the brand registry program. One can enjoy Amazon brand registry benefits by enrolling in the right manner. One can surely protect copyrights and can avoid product imitations on Amazon by simply enrolling in this program.

Who Can Enroll On The Amazon Registry?

Amazon brand registry offers a range of benefits for brands. But it is also important to note that only a traditionally registered brand can enroll in this program. It is not made for every seller. A registered seller with a patent can join this scheme. One needs to have a registered trademark in the local market before applying. Different nations have different governing bodies and different sets of rules to allot copyrights. One requires producing documentary proofs to qualify for the Amazon brand registry.

Why Was Amazon Brand Registry Introduced?

The concept of registering a brand on Amazon is certainly not new. It has always been there for sellers for the past many years. However, it took the current form in May 2017, when it was launched as a proper scheme for sellers. It was aimed to help brands save their copyright and patents on Amazon. A brand owner could uniquely place its product listings after registering for this program. It started offering some wonderful tools to optimize listings while tackling counterfeiting at the same time. The scheme carried on and continued to evolve for sellers until we have Amazon brand registry 2.0. Today, every brand, small or big, can enjoy Amazon brand registry benefits by just joining it.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Brand Registry Program?

Amazon's brand registry program has a range of benefits for brand owners. The details are described as under.

  • It provides complete control over product listings management.
  • It ensures accurate product information.
  • It helps enhance the brand image and hence enhances sales.
  • It protects a brand against all kinds of counterfeiting.
  • It lets one enhance the content for a brand.
  • It helps carve product listings without UPCs or EANs.
  • It takes bad listings out of the plane in no time.
  • It offers enhanced support for prospective customers.
  • It offers a layout to report potential infringements.
  • One can search ASINs in bulk with this program.
  • It offers accurate details about a brand and its products.
  • It adds credibility and value to the products of a brand.

Why Should You Register For The Amazon Brand Registry?

It does not matter whether you are selling in person or as a registered business. Amazon brand registry has a lot to offer for your brand. It is strongly recommended that you should register for this wonderful program to enjoy Amazon brand registry benefits. You can have a different experience at Amazon after joining this program. It is a kind of trustworthy program not only for sellers but also for the buyers. It attracts buyers by offering reliable information, and that’s what enhances sales for your products. This is why many experts recommend joining this program as soon as possible. Here are three reasons why one should register for the Amazon registry scheme.

  1. It Adds A Shield Against Product Hijacks

Several sellers face infringements and forgery when their product is among the best-selling items on Amazon. But they cannot just do anything if they do not have the right to report such a forgery. Registering for the Amazon registry adds a real-time shield against product hijacks.

  1. Gain Control On Product Listings

Every Amazon seller wants to gain complete control over the product listings, but that can only be possible when registering for this program. It offers complete control over the content as you can manage things from product titles to descriptions. You can use product ID instead of UPCs, and that’s what decreases match error.

  1. Enhanced Brand Experience

You might have had your brand working as a star in the conventional world. But the same level of positioning can be done on Amazon by using the registry scheme. One can enjoy all of the Amazon brand registry benefits by simply joining this program.

Amazon brand registry is such a splendid program when it comes to branding, positioning, and enhance the market experience. Amazon agencies strongly recommend this program to renowned brands for all the good reasons this scheme offers to the sellers.