Why Custom Packaging Is Essential For Your eCommerce Business

Ever heard that saying that goes something like “you can’t tell a book by its cover”? It’s at least partially because a good cover sells a bad book, while a bad cover keeps a good book from selling. Regardless of that which is inside the tome, covers play a huge part in book sales.


If that’s the case as regards reading materials, imagine how much more true this reality is when it comes to general packaging. The way you package the products your business sells through its online eCommerce platform is of paramount importance. Even if you’re only a digital outlet, care in packaging design is evident on eCommerce platforms.


Don’t you find it more convenient when a product has pictures from multiple angles, rather than some static default image? If you’ve got bad packaging, that makes your products less photogenic. Accordingly, it reduces consumer trust.


Photogenic packaging requires quality packaging design, and suddenly it’s no problem to have a hundred pictures selling something. So with that in mind, in this writing, we’ll go over a few other benefits of solid custom packaging for eCommerce outlets.

1. The Potential For Multiple Use

Candy tins have become teabag storage, jellybean storage, noodle storage, and whatever else the size and shape of such cans are appropriate for in a given pantry. Many candy tins designed for holiday promotions become decorative staples of a home—and it’s not just candy tins.


Sometimes noodles come in Tupperware of one variety or another, sometimes liquor bottles or jellies are in what can be used as pitchers or cups later on. Crown Royal always includes some sort of packaging which can be used for something else after the whiskey has been ingested.


Multiple-use packaging is technically good for the environment even if it costs more to make and distribute because when users get more use out of it, it extends its life and reduces the amount of such packaging in refuse bins, dumps, or littered across pristine environments. So not only do you double down on the usefulness of your products, you have a “green” angle.


If you can, design packaging so that those who want to get a bonus on what they buy through how it’s packaged. That’s a wise win-win which is easy to apply to most products; be they consumable or otherwise.


2. Designing Packaging For “Unboxing” Content

Something else that’s a wise move is making packaging in such a way that the very process of unboxing a toy is fun. There’s a whole content sub-genre on YouTube for this sort of thing. Children love unboxing videos. Suddenly you’re getting free advertising simply because the way in which you package what you sell is fun to open.


Also, this reduces a level of frustration. Have you ever bought something wrapped in plastic that cut your hands and took a half-hour to unwrap? That’s pretty annoying—it’s not quality packaging. Even if the product works well, you may not buy it again. Quality packaging designed for stress-free unboxing fixes that problem.


There are a lot of options for this sort of “unboxing” quality. Packaging options through groups like deepkinglabels.com position what you sell for notable impact in this way, and facilitate a variety of customization options. Shop around and find what best fits whatever you’re selling.

3. Marketing And Increased Future Sales

You can still find promo codes on the top of many soft-drink bottles in the twenty-ounce range. Sometimes you can even get a free soda this way; though that promotion isn’t as prevalent as it has been. Other soft drinks will put coupons on the labels of their sodas.


Well, you can do the same with your packaging; either directly in the form of coupons, or indirectly in the form of design aimed toward the encouragement of acquisition. Including coupons or discount codes encourages your customers to buy more from you.


It’s a wise marketing move, and you save money in that the cost of such coupon distribution is covered in the price of the product, and if customers buy something at a discount they wouldn’t have bought otherwise, it’s pure profit.

Optimizing Product Sales Through Proper Packaging

You’ve heard the phrase “kill two birds with one stone”? Well, solid packaging can definitely do that. You can market, you can get collateral advertising through unboxing videos, and by providing customers with added value through multi-use packaging, you can increase consumer loyalty and product acquisition.


Altogether, these are just a few reasons how you package what you sell through your eCommerce platform is fundamental to securing long-term profit.