8 E-Commerce Conversion Hacks That’ll Double Your Conversions

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most essentials aspects of eCommerce.

Sure, you can have the most efficient of product, but it won’t matter if you’re store is not optimized for conversions.

Now there are plenty of eCommerce conversion rate optimization strategies. But that’s not all there’s to it.

Some certain tricks and hacks can help take your conversion rate marketing strategy to the next level. In the following post, we’ll be discussing eight of them.

We will also show you how they contribute to conversion rate optimization.

1. Utilize Notifications

The first hack in this list is quite simple from the outset: just enable notifications on your website.

With those notifications, you can show your customers just how many people are converting on your website.

For example, while a user is browsing, you can display to them that "Andy from XYZ country" just purchased the product.

Think of it like breaking news notifications.

The benefit of these is that they build urgency. This convinces the user that his purchase is something that indeed he should move ahead with.

This recent notification system can come in quite useful and is present as a feature or plugin in almost all the major eCommerce platforms available today.

2.  Focus on Traffic That Converts

The amount of traffic that lands on your store primarily depends on the type of targeting you do.

You see, when you target a broad segment of the population within your niche, you’re gaining more audiences, but you’re also expanding your offerings to those that don’t fit within that niche.

This can ultimately lead to a rise in bounce rates for your store.

But when targeted right, you can gain more value from your marketing strategies, improve your bottom line, and get more out of your marketing partnerships.

3.  Add a Sales Countdown Timer

Similar to the sales notifications, another good way to improve conversions for your eCommerce store is to create urgency with your offerings.

One good way to do that is to add a timer to your store indicating when a particular sale or stock offering is about to end.

There are plenty of countdown timer creation tools both on WordPress and other platforms.

Similar to the notifications system, this adds a layer of urgency to your offerings. When you include such urgency, customers are inclined to hurry up and buy as quickly as they can.

4.  Product Reviews as Social Proof

Social proof and product reviews just work.

Statistics show that they can improve conversion rates by 270%. But wait, how can you take advantage of such a phenomenon?

Well, the easiest way to do so would be to use product reviews on your website as a form of social proof. When a user visits a specific webpage on your site and is greeted with such product reviews, it will not only lead to improving brand awareness but also legitimacy and conversion rates.

Besides the general product reviews, you can add your product reviews to images, carousels, sidebars, and more.

Just remember to spread them across your website for maximum effect.

5.  Convert Visitors with Incentives

On your website, there will always be a select few users who are not ready to commit to the purchase. What can you do about them? Well, an ideal method to convert them is to use an incentive program for the business.

If certain users are returning to your store, you can give them an incentive to convert users into paying customers. For example, if you’re running a points and rewards system on your store, you can give your users points every time they purchase from your store. Those points, can be redeemed later on.

6.  Boost Sales with a Gamified Popup

If you’re using WordPress then a quick hack to increase eCommerce conversions would be to add a spin-the-wheel type popup.

Similar to the previous section, you’re essentially making the purchase look like a game. With this gamification pop-up, you can offer free coupons, daily rewards, points, shipping, giveaways, and more.

The end benefit to this that it keeps your ecommerce customer engaged and gives the users a chance to purchase products at a discount.

7.  Display Popular Products with Full Screen Welcome Mats

If there are popular products within your store catalog, you can use them in a full-screen mat on your website. For example, whenever a use enters your store, they are greeted instantly within a full-screen mat of your popular products on display.

The goal of using this tactic to grab the audience's attention the moment they land at your store. Dimming out everything else, it sheds light on only the products displayed within the welcome mat and shows the user a major product list. IN addition to that, it also reduces clutter within your content and improves conversions.

8.  Add More Product Images and Videos

Good product images can make or break a business. With the right product images, you can increase the number of conversions you’re gaining for your store.

Now, with images, the more the merrier. The more high-quality, and compelling images you have on your store, the better your chances are at improving the conversion rates for your store. Using such images also empowers the user to purchase your products since they feel that so many images add legitimacy to the brand.

Besides images, you can also try out video content. It’s a lot better in comparison and can result in serious conversions for your business. This results in more conversions for your brand and improved legitimacy.

The CRO Journey Is Tough

Conversion rate optimization is something that doesn’t come off as easy. There are many factors involved that can make or break your conversion rate optimization strategy. That being said, with enough effort and hard work, you can gain success for your business operations with ease.

With the hacks that we’ve discussed in this post, we hope you got an idea of the many gateways you can take to improve the conversion rates for your eCommerce store. We hope this post proved helpful to you!