Increase Organic Traffic To E-Commerce Store With These 5 SEO Tips

With Internet penetration and accessibility, people could easily find better benefits from online services, including ecommerce. In the modern day, ecommerce has become one of the mainstreams in the daily lives of people.


Based on a recent report, Retail ecommerce sales have reached more than $4.891 trillion as of 2021. Global ecommerce sales have been mainly expected to grow more than a 9.5% compound annual growth rate.


SEO has the highest ROI of the ecommerce marketing campaign, so many online shows have been using this opportunity to grow their business. With the ecommerce development, it is important to consider various important strategies that would automatically reach more audiences.


1. Creating A DIY SEO Strategy:

It is quite important to create and execute the DIY SEO strategy to grow traffic over time. Based on a recent report, more than half of all website traffic has been generated from organic searches.


The implementation of SEO practices is a much more suitable option for increasing the ecommerce traffic strategy. Generating long-term organic ecommerce traffic is a suitable option for building a solid store.


Using the UX and user-friendly features, it is a much more suitable option for providing unique content. Branding mainly involves better sales along with the shopping experience. SEO mainly requires less effort to rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


  • Make keyword research
  • Create optimized pages for search
  • Fix website's technical issues
  • Build links
  • Make a list of topics
  • Build pages for each topic
  • Set up blog
  • Create a consistent blogging schedule
  • Create link-building plan
  • Measure and track content's success


SEO or Search Engine Optimization mainly involves the better art in optimizing the website across the specific keywords for ranking higher in the search results that include Google and many others.


2. Optimizing For Long-Tail Keywords:

A creative user experience with a unique design is a suitable option for easily gaining better stability. Ecommerce enables with the long tail keyword optimization are mainly suitable for the:


  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Product Pages


Long-tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases so that the visitors could be easily using them for accessing the website. Long-tail keywords mainly give the better option for easily boosting the ranking. These are the main keyword specifics so that they provide the better-targeted feature.


3. Optimize New Product Pages:

Ecommerce websites are required to add new product when the old products are out of stock. Therefore, for creating a good website experience, it is quite important to optimize the webpage when the new product is added.


  • Analyse Ecommerce Product Pages
  • Use creative Product Photos
  • Optimize Ecommerce Product Page for the Mobile view
  • Give Detailed Product Content
  • Ecommerce Product Page needs to have the Call-to-Action Feature
  • Increase Trust with the Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Relevant Products


Spending a few minutes on the product page and thoroughly analysing the elements becomes one of the most important attributes. These would be suitable for providing the customers with a better experience.


Understanding the requirements of the customers while accessing the website is quite important. For optimizing the new product page, it is important to concentrate on the various factors with ecommerce Support that include the:


  • Title Tag and Meta Description
  • Describe the image, including the keywords
  • Include H1 heading tag
  • Include unique content
  • Image file names
  • Image alt tags
  • Product description
  • URLs


4. Site Architecture:

Perfectly designed ecommerce site architecture helps to organize the pages easily. These are mainly suitable options for the pages to increase ranking, usability, and conversion easily.


These are also mainly suitable options for helping Google to understand the site along with the product pages. With ecommerce Website Development, it is also important to know about better site architecture.


The main reason is that Google's algorithm gives a better preference for mobile-friendly websites. When your online store is not optimized for seamless and fast mobile users, it would not be easy to attain the top ranking. You could also be penalized by Google and could lose out on factors.


  • Use SEO-friendly URL structure
  • Use sitemap
  • Consider pages flow to and from each other
  • Ensure User-Friendly Experience
  • Add Security
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce wasted crawl budget
  • Support secure browsing
  • Create a sitemap
  • Optimize for mobile devices
  • Design for a global audience


Optimizing your ecommerce site with the mobile responsive feature would be a suitable option for easily getting more online presence. Especially, the "flat architecture" delivers better usability as this would take only a few clicks for easily accessing the homepage from a product page.


The Site architecture would mainly maximize the authority for passing the homepage to the product page using the internal link.


5. Social Media Integration:

A recent study stating a strong presence in the social network would be correlated with a better search engine ranking. Having a strong social presence would mainly build brand awareness.


These would also be a suitable option for increasing the inbound links. These would also attract more repeating visitors and spends more time on the site. It is also quite a convenient option for sharing the links on social media with making it easier for the followers and fans to access.


Adding social share buttons to the ecommerce store – homepage, blog posts, and product pages lets more people access the website.


  • Reach a wider audience
  • Amplify website's interaction
  • Channelize traffic
  • Enhance website vibrancy
  • Create the best visual social content
  • Build brand image and reputation
  • Build social proof with User-generated content
  • Increase conversions and sales
  • Gain insights into the consumers' social behavior


Ecommerce websites with more than thousands of pages can also customize content and integrate them with social media. It is also quite an efficient option to collect reviews and gain better take advantage of their widgets.



The above five steps could be a suitable option for increasing the Organic Traffic to E-commerce stores more naturally without spending more money. These would also give you the complete option for increasing the online presence and revenue.